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Interdisciplinary Research Initiation Awards

Deadline for Proposals: Monday, 10 November 2014

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs invites a collaborative group of at least four faculty from at least two separate disciplines to develop an external proposal that will help support an interdisciplinary program of excellence. This program supports the goals of the university’s strategic plan to encourage and develop interdisciplinary research.   Proposals can request up to $100,000; awardees are expected to submit an interdisciplinary proposal to a nationally competitive sponsor.

Funds may support summer salary and fringe benefits (maximum summer support is for six weeks’ salary and fringes), academic year release time, other support personnel, travel, equipment, materials and supplies as necessary to organize, prepare and submit a proposal to an external agency. Funding is available in May 2015 with all expenditures completed by 15 May 2016. Awardees must submit a written report to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs by 31 August 2016, summarizing the results of the project with a list of presentations, publications, proposals and funding directly resulting from the project. Awardees will also be expected to provide the Research Council with a presentation on the progress and results of their project.

Proposals that pass internal administrative and council review will be sent to expert external reviewers for comment and evaluation. The primary consideration is whether the investment in the proposed activity will produce a coherent research group likely to emerge as nationally competitive and able to win competitive funding. Proposals must make it clear that the interdisciplinary nature of the project adds value, that each investigator is making important contributions, and that there are specific external sources of support for the activity.

Proposal Submission
See General Guidelines at the beginning of this booklet. The following information must be included:

  1. An abstract, written for a general audience, that summarizes the project and its expected outcomes. The abstract must not exceed 250 words.
  2. A project description, written to technical reviewers who are versed in the topic of the project, must explain the objective(s) or specific aims of the project, the significance of the project, the methodology or approach to be used, the expected outcomes or products, and the contribution that a successful project will make to the research stature of the University of Toledo.   The project description must not exceed 12 pages. The description should provide reviewers with sufficient information to also show how the project will contribute to growth of the field and may include tables, graphs, photographs or other information. Recommended sections are

          1. Objectives or specific aims
          2. Significance
          3. Methodology
          4. Expected outcomes
          5. Contribution to research stature of UT
  3. A list of cited literature references.
  4. A one-page summary of plans to move the project toward sustained, external funding. This should list potential sources of support, such as programs within agencies.
  5. A two-page management plan that outlines the roles of each investigator in the project. (NOTE: Weaknesses in this section are often identified by reviewers who question why the project needs to be supported to advance interdisciplinary research.)
  6. A detailed budget and budget justification. Summer faculty support must be clearly separated from academic year release time. Requests for travel funds should include the location and purpose of the travel as it relates to the project. Equipment must be separately listed. The budget may only request funds for activities that are not supported from other sources.
  7. A two-page biosketch for each investigator (template available at URL must include the individual’s current professional position, degrees (with institutions and dates), professional positions held, recent relevant publications, artistic performances or other original products.

    No appendix material will be accepted.

Proposals will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Research Council and the top five or six sent to external reviewers.

Proposal Submission
See "Submission Procedures" for instructions.

Award Notification
See General Guidelines.

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