The University of Toledo University Transportation Center

UT-UTC Policy Committee

With the assistance of the Center Director and staff, the Policy Committee will define and scope the projects that the University Transportation Center at The University of Toledo will undertake so they satisfy the goals of the Center and are within its theme. The Policy Committee will select the projects to be completed and allocate funds to those projects, review periodic reports and provide feedback, review the final reports, and if necessary, terminate projects for cause. 

Chairperson (selected by the group but not UT-UTC staff)

UTC staff or faculty and administrators from the universities 

Three to five members from private sector organizations that are carriers and shippers

Three to five members from public agencies and government that engage in transportation-related activities

Academic research officers from at least one university

Representatives of state agencies such as DOTs and economic planning and development agencies

US DOT Representative

Representative from MIOH-UTC for coordination

Last Updated: 6/9/16