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UTUTC-SC-2: Global Supply Chain Management/Transportation Building a Global Network of Scholars and Educators

Focus Area: Support Chains

Principal Investigator:

Subba Rao
Information Operations and Technology Management
College of Business Administration
The University of Toledo

Co-Principal Investigators:

Paul Hong
Associate Professor
Information Operations and Technology Management
College of Business Administration

The University of Toledo   

Project Dates: 05/08/2007 – 12/31/2008

Project Year: Year 1

UT-UTC Designation: UTUTC-SC-2


Research on Global Supply Chain Management/Transportation Efficiency Systems is critical to US competitiveness. Global Supply chain management integrates global information, material and, cash flow processes across all functions including sourcing, operations, return and recycling, and logistics and planning – for all partners. Supply chain system professional are the agents of change for e-business, manufacturing, high-tech, service and consulting companies. Transportation system analysis and planning stress the conceptual and quantitative approaches to the analysis of transportation and related systems. The objectives are (1) to engage in international network of research collaboration to identify, analyze, and solve complex transportation and supply chain problems and to communicate those solutions to achieve successful implementation and (2) to develop education and training programs that meet the needs of transportation, logistics, and supply chain professionals around the world.


The planned activities are with researchers and educators from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. The development of these programs depends on leveraging the diverse collaborative work that has been established with International Cargo Handling and Coordination Association (ICHCA) International Ltd, International Manufacturing Strategic Survey (IMSS), Supply Chain Symposium, and MIOH UTC, and University of Toledo Manufacturing Management Alumni network.


UT-UTC Grant
Match Amount
Total Project

  $ 49,994
  $ 57,809
$ 107,803
Final Report:

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