Rocket Card (ID)


Have your customers been asking you if you take the Rocket Card?

The University of Toledo provides all its students, faculty and staff with a Rocket Card.  With this DEBIT card our students manage their meal plans from a variety of restaurants and gain automatic access to the buildings and resources on campus that they need for their education and their campus life.


You could be one of those restaurants!

You could be one of those resources!

You could gain access to a large market base of young adults who may need the products and services you provide!

If ONLY they knew who you are, where you are and what you provide!








The Rocket Card can help you reach that market with your products and provide our students with the services they need.

Annual deposits have exceeded $1.2 million; as our student base grows, especially our resident students, this figure will continue to rise as the Rocket Card program expands with the user base. And to better serve both you and our cardholders we have recently partnered with BBOne, a leading provider of merchant services.

There is a small transaction fee and a monthly percentage of your Rocket Card sales taken as a service charge.  We can hook you up with no more than a telephone line and our equipment, but you have to make that first call! 

We have thousands of active Rocket Card holders waiting to hear from you!

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 STILL NOT CONVINCED? -- Seven Reasons for You to Consider the Rocket Card


  1. Increased Sales:  Vendors who accept the Rocket Card report an increase of in overall sales after the first year.

  2. Higher Transactions: Vendors report an increase in sales to the targeted peer group with the Rocket Card as opposed to cash transactions from the same peer group.

  3. Lower Theft and Error Rates: Rocket Card transactions are cashless. Transaction errors can easily be located and corrected.  No cash exchanging hands means fewer chances of theft, as well.

  4. A Competitive Edge: Merchants who accept the Rocket Card have a higher level of recognitions within targeted groups.

  5. Participation in the University Community:  Merchants who participate in The University of Toledo community receive recognition, sales, word of mouth advertising in return for participation.

  6. Record Keeping and Sales Analysis: The Rocket Card terminal does more than just record sales.  It gives you access to transaction reports and sales data analysis on a daily, weekly basis.  

  7. Marketing Opportunities: Let others spend thousands in advertising and then wait for the return.  The Rocket Card begins that return on your investment immediately. Through participation with The University of Toledo Rocket Card program and inclusion in the university community you can begin showing increased sales immediately.

    • Provide the Rocket Card Office with a link to your website, this way we can embed your link on our website.
    •  Reach out to your BBOne Representative and inquire if they have any funding to assist you with marketing to the UT Community.
    • Consider a display table in our Student Union during the peak hours.  If interested please email    
    • Sponsor a Residents Life Day/Event – i.e.. special residential coupons or sponsor an event.  If interested please email
    • Participate with New Student Orientations.  If interested please email 

    • Promotional Flyers on Campus.  If interested please email

    • Advertise in one of our two newspapers: 

Last Updated: 7/31/17