Rocket Card (ID)

Refunds and Overcharges


Refunds are available on unused funds in the Rocket account or in an "excess" Financial Aid account. It generally takes seven to ten business days to receive your refund after you request it.  Requests will not be processed until add/drop ends.   Refund applications are accepted Mon thru Fri during normal business hours in Rocket Solution Centeral.  A picture ID and signature are required.  No refunds against financial aid monies. 


Overcharges or erroneous charges are a matter that is handled between the cardholder and the vendor who placed the questionable charge on your account. If you believe you have an overcharge, or an erroneous charge on your account you should do the following:

  • If this is an overcharge, find your original receipt to help verify your claim.

  • Access your account via the web and review the online transaction statement(s).

  • Take your concerns to the vendor in question with your documentation.

    If you are having problems accessing your account online, please send an email from your University issued email account to to request an electronic version to be emailed to you.  Your email MUST be sent from your UT email account and it must include your name, Rocket Number and the date range for which you would like the report to be ran.  

You are responsible for tracking your Rocket account, treat your Rocket Card account exactly as you would a debit card account from a bank.  We suggest that you keep all your receipts and check them against a monthly transaction statement.  

Last Updated: 6/9/16