Greek Life

Greek Life Terms

Get to know a little more about Greek Life at UT by learning some terms you'll hear around campus.

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: Initiated members who have graduated.

Black Greek Letter Organizations

Bid: A Formal invitation to join a Greek Organization.

Bid Day: Final day of recruitment when the Recruitment Guest receives an invitation to join a chapter.

A vocal sound, sometimes high-pitched, used by members of cultural-based Greek organizations to acknowledge one another.

Chapter: Name for the local organization of a national fraternity/sorority.

Crossing: A term used by multicultural groups to indicate that a new member has been fully initiated into a group. You may also use or see the term “crossing the burning sands.”

Greek Independent Board (GIB):
The governing board of multicultural and special interest groups.

A fully initiated member of a chapter.

Initiation: Ritual or ceremony in which a new member begins full membership in that specific organization.

Interfraternity Council (IFC): The governing body for fraternities.

Someone whose mother, father, sister or brother are members of a particular group. Some consider an aunt or uncle a legacy, too.

Line: The members of a cultural Greek organization new member class.

National Panhellenic Conference (NPC or Panhel):
The governing body of national sororities.

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC): The governing body for national historically black Greek organizations.

Neophyte: A new member of a cultural Greek organization.

New Member: Member or associate member of a Greek letter organization who has not yet been initiated.

Charitable project that raises money and awareness for a particular cause sponsored by each chapter on campus.

Social experience organized by the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils in which mutual selection allows each potential member to determine chapter membership.

Recruitment Guide (Rho Gamma): A disaffiliated member of an organization who assists potential members through the recruitment process.

A line dance done by members of a cultural Greek organization (Usually at a party or step show).

A term used by multicultural groups to indicate the campus. Used in phrases such as “Which groups are on the yard”, meaning which groups are presently active at The University of Toledo.

Last Updated: 9/17/18