Office of Recreational Services

Mission Statement

Office of Recreational Services

Mission Statement: The Office of Recreational Services strives to enhance the human condition by providing engaging recreational and wellness programs and services that enrich student learning as well as The University of Toledo community.

Vision Statement: We are the premier service provider to the UT Community for healthy lifestyle options and development opportunities for student success.

Core Values: Student Development, Healthy Lifestyle Options, Community Service, Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Toledo Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Toledo is to improve the human condition; to advance knowledge through excellence in learning, discovery, and engagement; and to serve as a diverse, student-centered public metropolitan research university.

Division of Student Affairs Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to enhance the student experience by addressing the varied and changing needs of students and by serving as the hub for student-centered collaborations, programs, and services.

The University of Toledo Core Values

• Compassion, Professionalism and Respect.  Treat every individual with kindness, dignity and care; consider the thoughts and ideas of others inside and outside  of the University with a strong commitment to exemplary personal and institutional altruism, accountability, integrity and honor.

• Discovery, Learning and Communication.  Vigorously pursue and widely share new knowledge; expand the understanding of existing knowledge; develop the  knowledge, skills and competencies of students, faculty, staff and the community while promoting a culture of lifelong learning.

• Diversity, Integrity and Teamwork.  Create an environment that values and fosters diversity; earn the trust and commitment of colleagues and the communities served; provide a collaborative and supportive work environment, based upon stewardship and advocacy, that adheres to the highest ethical standard.

• Engagement, Outreach and Service.  Provide services that meet students’ and regional needs and where possible exceed expectations; be a global resource and the partner of choice for education, individual development and health care, as well as a center of excellence for cultural, athletic and other events.

• Excellence, Focus and Innovation.  Strive, individually and collectively, to achieve the highest level of focus, quality and pride in all endeavors; continuously improve operations; engage in reflective planning and innovative risk-taking in an environment of academic freedom and responsibility.

• Wellness, Healing and Safety.  Promote the physical and mental well-being and safety of others, including students, faculty and staff; provide the highest levels of health promotion, disease prevention, treatment and healing possible for those in need within the community and around the world.

Last Updated: 12/1/16