Recreational Services


Our Mission

University of Toledo Recreational Services (UTREC) strives to enhance the human condition with a focus on health and well-being by providing impactful programs and services that enrich student learning as well as The University of Toledo community.


We are the premier service provider to the University of Toledo Community for healthy lifestyle options and development opportunities for student success.


We are your  UTREC A community for all students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members and guests that takes pride in celebrating what it means to be a Rocket
We are your Health – To support a state of physical fitness
We are your Well-Being – To provide an outlet to pursue a holistic lifestyle
We are your Development – To grow, improve, enhance, be educated, and advance
We are your Inclusion – To celebrate an environment that is welcoming to all
We are your Diversity – To embrace the unique variety of others
We are your Community – To serve, engage, and connect

Strategic plan 2018-2019

Last Updated: 6/30/19