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Why wasn't I waived from a Common Body of Knowledge course on my MBA Program Plan of Study?
In order to be waived from the Common Body of Knowledge courses, you must have earned a C or better in the undergraduate equivalents. The MBA Adviser makes the first round of decisions regarding waivers based on course titles. It is not always possible to determine course content from the title alone. If you think you should have been waived from additional courses, you have two options:

1. Request a course waiver. Send your request for a course waiver, and your official course description, to The adviser will forward the information to the appropriate Department Chair for review and let you know once a decision is reached.

2. Pass a proficiency exam. Call the appropriate academic department and ask to speak to the secretary to schedule an appointment to take a proficiency exam.

How do I register for classes?

You can register for classes by logging on to the myUT portal with your UTAD username and password:

You can also register by going to Rocket Solution Central:
Rocket Hall 1200

How do I begin choosing which classes to take?

Please see the Registration Guidelines posted to the MBA website.

How many classes should I take per semester?
Students who are working 20 hours or less per week typically take 3 - 4 classes (9 - 12 credit hours) each semester. Students who are working 40 or more hours per week typically take 1- 2 classes (3 – 6 credit hours) each semester. The MBA Office does not require students to take a minimum number of credit hours per semester. If you have federal student loans, please check with the Office of Student Financial Aid regarding minimum credit hour requirements. If you are attending classes on a student visa, please check with the Office of International Student Services regarding minimum credit hour requirements.

Are most MBA classes offered during the day or at night?
Most MBA classes are offered in the evening. Several classes are also offered online each semester. Please see the Course Schedules posted to the MBA website by semester for more specific information.

Where can I find course descriptions?

Why do I get a PREQ and TEST SCORE ERROR when I try to register for classes?
If you have been waived from some Common Body of Knowledge courses, you may get a PREQ and TEST SCORE ERROR when you attempt to register. This occurs because it is not always possible for our system to recognize undergraduate equivalent courses that were completed prior to being admitted to the MBA program. If you receive a PREQ and TEST SCORE ERROR for a class you are eligible for, please do one of the following:

Call The Office of Student Retention and Academic Success at 419.530.2087 and leave the following information:  Name, Rocket number, class(es) you are trying to add (e.g., BUAD 6100), and whether you are trying to register for Fall, Spring or Summer. Also send an email to the MBA Advisor with this information.

A permit can be provided to override the PREQ and TEST SCORE ERROR, but after the permit is entered into the system, the student still must take the action to register for the class. It is not possible for anyone in the MBA office to register you for classes. Students must initiate the action to register for classes.

What specializations are available in the MBA program?
Please see the MBA Specializations posted to the MBA website.

What if I want to change my specialization?
Please send an email to indicating which specialization(s) you plan on pursuing. The MBA adviser will submit the request to the College of Graduate Studies on your behalf so your student account can be updated. Include your Rocket Number.

Can I earn more than one specialization?
Yes. It is possible to have two specializations denoted on your official transcript.

Do I have to write a thesis?
No. A thesis is not part of the MBA program. BUAD 6900, Strategic Management Capstone, is designed to tie all the aspects of the program together, ideally in your final semester.

What are the deadlines to add/drop classes?
Please see the Academic Calendar available at:

What happens if I need to withdraw from a class?
The deadline to withdraw from a class is also available on the Academic Calendar at the link above. If you withdraw from a class, you will not receive any type of refund, and there will be a W permanently recorded on your official transcript indicating you withdrew from the class. The W does not have any impact on your grade point average.

Is there a minimum grade I need to earn in each class?
Yes. You must earn a C or better in every required class on your MBA plan of study. If you earn a C- or below, you must take the class again. Also, you must maintain a minimum cumulative graduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher.

Who do I contact with questions about billing on my student account?
Please contact Rocket Solutions Central: Rocket Hall 1200, 419.530.8700,

How do I find contact information for UT faculty and staff?
Go to the MBA website and click on Campus Directory on the top of the homepage to search for faculty and staff by name.

What are the Advising Office hours?
Monday-Friday 8:30 am--5:00 pm

Advising is available by appointment only. Please call 419.530.2087 to schedule an appointment.

Do I need a student ID card?
Yes. You will need a Rocket Card, the official UT identification card. Your Rocket Card gives you access to academic buildings, computer labs, the Student Recreation Center, the Student Medical Center and other services on and around campus. To get your Rocket Card, you will need to bring a valid picture ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport, etc.) to the Campus Community Support Services Office.

Campus Community Support Services Office
Rocket Hall 1610

Where can I buy a parking permit?
Please visit for more information on parking permits.

How will I know when I am eligible to graduate?
We recommend that you keep track of all the classes you take, and grades you earn, through the Degree Audit that is provided with your letter of admission. You can always schedule an appointment to verify your remaining requirements.

In order to be eligible to graduate from the MBA program all students must: Complete all MBA classes in the proper sequence. Students will not receive credit for any 6000 level classes that were completed before completing the appropriate 5000 level prerequisite. Earn a C or better in all required classes on your MBA plan of study. Successfully complete a minimum of 11 classes / 33 credit hours at the 6000 level. Have grades posted for any incomplete (IN) courses or Grades in Progress (PR) on your graduate transcript. Maintain a cumulative graduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher. Pay all outstanding fees and/or fines. Complete the degree within six years. Be advanced to regular admission if you were admitted under provisional status. Be registered for at least 1 graduate credit hour at UT in the semester in which you graduate.

Is it possible to graduate with honors?
No. There are not any honor distinctions at the graduate level.

Do I need to apply for graduation?
Yes. Be sure to submit a complete Graduation Application to the Registrar’s Office in the semester in which you plan to graduate. Please see the links below for the application and deadlines:


Can I participate in a graduation ceremony?
The University of Toledo hosts a campus-wide graduation ceremony at the end of every Fall and Spring semester. The College of Business and Innovation hosts a ceremony for business students at the end of every Spring semester. If you are graduating in Summer semester, you can attend the Fall or Spring ceremony.

For more information regarding the College of Business and Innovation Spring ceremony, please visit the following website, or contact Sandy Whitman:

For more information regarding The University of Toledo campus-wide Fall or Spring ceremony, please visit the following website, or contact Regina Brown:

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