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M.B.A. Specialization in Leadership


Required Courses

Building Relationships
Change Management
Communications and Public Relations
Conflict Management
Creating and Inspiring
Shared Vision
Employee Development
Ethical Decision Making
Self Awareness

MGMT 6100 - Leading Through Ethical Decision Making
This course seeks to challenge students to discover what their core values are and how they shape beliefs and actions.  The objective of the course is to move beyond emotional reactions to ethical reflection.

MGMT 6150 - Leading and Developing Yourself This course is designed to provide the student with an overview of topics and experiences relevant to the development of one's own leadership potential.  The course explores how leadership competencies can be developed and applied most effectively in a variety of situations.

MGMT 6160 - Leading with Power and Influence The objective of this course is to develop an understanding of the strategic use of power and influence to exercise leadership in organizations.

MGMT 6190 - Leading Change and Organizational Improvement The objective of this course is to provide a working knowledge of the key theories and practices of the change management and organizational development discipline.

This graduate-level specialization has no prerequisites, so any graduate student on campus is eligible to take all courses!

The M.B.A. specialization in Leadership is designed for those persons who have responsibilities to lead others within their organizations.  Both for-profit and not-for-profit leaders will benefit from this specialization. 

For additional information or advising, contact Dr. Sonny Ariss, (419) 530-4060.

Dr. Sonny Ariss, Chairman                   Department of Management                                                   
Department of Management      
Phone:  (419) 530-4060

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