Department of Applied Organizational Technology

Bachelor of Applied Organizational Technology (BAOT)

Grade and Hour Requirements

In order to earn the B.A.T. degree, students must complete a minimum of 126 hours of course work, with a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. The total hours include transfer hours as well as hours completed at The University of Toledo. Requirement categories are listed below. Additional grade requirements are listed below.  All General Education /University Core requirements must also be satisfied.

Degree requirements

Because each Associate Degree may contain courses that transfer in to a variety of requirements in the program, degree requirements are evaluated on an individual basis. Because of this, it is impossible to list a plan of study for the remaining requirements. Below is a listing of the overall degree requirements prior to transfer evaluations.

1. General Education/University Core (36 credit hours) including:

English Composition                            6 hrs
Core Math (excluding Statistics)          3 hrs
Humanities/Fine Arts                           6 hrs
Social Science                                      6 hrs
Natural Sciences (including lab)          7 hrs
Diversity of U.S.                                  3 hrs
Non-western                                        3 hrs

2. General Business Minor

A. Prerequisites:

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 is required in the following prerequisite courses or their equivalents.

ECON 1150 and 1200, or equivalent   3-6 hrs
Any Core MATH                                 3-5 hrs
BUAD 2060 or equivalent                   3 hrs
BUAD 1020 or equivalent                   3 hrs

Eighteen (18) hours are required beyond the prerequisite courses above. A grade of C (2.0) or better is required in each of the following courses (maximum of 2 courses may transfer towards minor)

B. Required Foundation Course:

BUAD 2040** Financial Accounting Information                        3 hrs

C. Additional Requirements:

Select three (3) courses from the following (one must be 3000 level to avoid additional course work):

BUAD 1010 Introduction to Business                                           3 hrs
BUAD 2050** Accounting for Business Decision Making           3 hrs
BUAD 2070 Application of Statistics in Bus Decision Making      3 hrs
BUAD 2080 Global Environment of Business                              3 hrs
BUAD 3010** Principles of Marketing                                         3 hrs
BUAD 3020** Principles of Manufacturing and Service Systems       3 hrs
BUAD 3030 Managerial and Behavioral Processes in Organization    3 hrs
BUAD 3040** Principles of Financial Management                     3 hrs
BUAD 3050 Information Technology Management                      3 hrs
BUAD 3470 Legal & Ethical Environment of Business                 3 hrs

Select two (2) additional courses from the eight listed above or select two courses at the 3000- or 4000- level from ACCT, FINA, INFS, MGMT, EFSB, IBUS, EBUS, OPMT, HURM, PSLS, BANS, BLAW, or

MKTG to complete the additional requirements. (Prerequisites for selected courses must be fulfilled.) Prerequisites for an MBA can also be fulfilled by completing any of the indicated (**) courses with a minimum grade of C (2.0).

3. Upper Level Courses

30 hours must be taken as upper division courses (numbered 3000-4000)      from a college outside the College of Business and Innovation at UT. All prerequisites must be met.

• 15 hours of the 30 upper level hours must be from the Colleges of Languages, Literature and Social Sciences; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; and Visual and Performing Arts.

• An additional 15 hours of upper level hours must come from any college except the College of Business and Innovation at UT.

• Students have the opportunity to complete a minor in the Colleges of Languages, Literature and Social Sciences; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; and Visual and Performing Arts with the proper selection of classes.

4. Additional courses/ credit hours may be necessary to make up the difference toward the minimum 126 hours required for the degree program.

Additional Notes:

• Approximately 60-63 hours will be transferred in from the Associate Degree. This may include some General Education core and business classes as well as technical courses.  These technical courses will be at the 1000-2000 level and credit will be counted under Additional Courses.

Last Updated: 6/30/19