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Faculty Research Detail - Thuong T. Le, Ph.D.

Faculty Detail                      

Name: Thuong T. Le, Ph.D.
Office: ST 4029
Phone: 419-530-2987

Biographical Sketch 
Michigan State University, PhD, Business Administration, 1980
University of Detroit, MBA, Marketing, 1973
Van Hanh University, Saigon, Vietnam, BS, Business Administration, 1971
Research Interest

Business-to-business electronic commerce, Internet Marketing, and Supply Chain Management


Current Research in Progress

• Several manuscripts in progress that focus on business-to-business e-commerce and supply chain management.


Selected Publications


• Book chapter: (R) Thuong T. Le, Subba Rao and Truong DoThang, “A Managerial Perspective on

E-Commerce: Adoption, Diffusion, and Cultural Issues”, in A. Gunasekaran, O. Khalil and S. M. Rhaman

(ed.), Knowledge and Information Technology Management. Human and Social Perspectives, chapter

XIV, (2003), IDEA Group Publishing, pp. 251-266.


•  (BR)(R) Thuong T. Le, “Business-to-Business Electronic Marketplaces. Evolving Business Models and

Competitive Landscape”, International Journal of Services, Technology and Management, vol. 6, no. 1

(2005), pp. 40-54.

•  (BR) (R) Thuong T. Le, Subba Rao and DoThang Truong, “Industry-sponsored marketplaces: a vehicle

for market aggregation or a platform for supply chain integration?” Electronic Markets, vol. 14, no. 4

(December 2004), pp. 295-307.

• (BR) (R) Anthony C. Koh and Thuong T. Le, “The Practice of E-Commerce in Malaysia”, accepted for

publication in Journal of International Business and Entrepreneurship.

• (BR) (R) Thuong T. Le, “Pathways to Leadership for Business-to-Business Electronic Marketplaces,”

Electronic Markets, vol. 12, no. 2 (2002), pp. 112-119.

• (BR) (R) Thuong T. Le and Anthony Koh, “A Managerial Perspective on Electronic Commerce

Development in Malaysia,” Electronic Commerce Research, vol. 2, no. 1-2 (2002), pp. 7-29.




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