The Asian Studies Institute

List of Courses for the Asian Studies Major

Arts and Sciences courses for Major


  ASST 2100 Introduction to Asian Studies
  ASST 3010 Topics in Asian Studies
  ASST 4910 Directed Research in Asian Studies
  ASST 4920 Directed Readings in Asian Studies
  ASST 4980 Selected Topics in Asian Studies
  ARTH 2100 Asian Art
  ARTH 3250 Topics in Asian Art
  ECON 3500 Comparative Economic Systems
  ENGL 3980 Chinese Literature Translation in English
  GEPL  3120 Geography of Asia
  HIST 2700 Japan and World War II
  HIST 2710 Postwar Japan
  HIST 2720 History of Tokyo
  HIST 2730 Chinese Revolution
  HIST 4720 Modern Chinese History
  HIST 4740 Modern Japanese History
  HIST 4750 Europe and Asia
  PHIL 3510 Zen Philosophy
  PHIL 3500 Eastern Thought
  PHIL 4500 Buddhist Philosophy
  PSC 2680 Governments of Asia
  PSC 4690 Government of China
  PSC 4780 Chinese Foreign Relations
  PSC 4900 Seminar in Asian Affairs
  REL 3510 Comparative Religion: Living Non-Western Religions
  Japanese All courses above 2000 level
  Chinese All courses above 2000 level
  HUM 2980:997 Survey of Chinese Literature

Note: The Japanese courses will be counted only if they are not counted for Japanese minor
And those approved by the director

Related courses



ANTH 2800

Cultural Anthropology


ECON 4510

International Economics I: International Trade


ECON 4520

International Economics II: International Finance


ECON 4550

Economic Development


GEPL 2030

Cultural Geography (WAC)


GEPL 3810

Political Geography


PSC 4560

International Political Economy


SOC 4800

Development in Third World Nations



Global Environment and Business


FINA 3500

International Business Finance


IBUS 3150

Cultural Difference for Business



International Management


MGMT 3670

International Business Law



Global Strategic Management



Global Management Systems


MKTG 3260

Global Framework for Ecommerce


MKTG 3280

International Marketing


MKTG 4220

International Sourcing, Logistics and Transportation

Or those being approved by the director

Last Updated: 6/9/16