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Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation Evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disorders are conducted by our licensed clinical social workers. Evaluation for ASD includes the use of standardized assessments, such ADOS-2 administration and completion of parent and teacher checklists. The Center also provides adaptive behavior assessment, review of previous medical documentation and records, as well as observation in a client’s natural environment.

Individual/Family Therapy 
CFEA provides ongoing individual/family therapy services to individuals with an ASD diagnosis. Our therapists use evidence-based therapy models, such as behavioral therapy, behavior management parent training, cognitive behavioral therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Community-Based Services

Community-based services are offered to clients and families receiving services through the Center for Excellence in Autism. Community-based services include treatment plan implementation in the home and community, advocacy and collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams, linkages to community supports and services, and coordination of continuity of care. More specifically, support, education, and advocacy are provided for school IEP meetings, housing, vocational assistance, social support systems, and other areas as needed by each individual client. Community-based providers work directly with the therapist to reinforce consistency in implementing interventions and to ensure the skills targeted in therapy can be generalized to the home and community. Community-based providers also aim to support comprehensive collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams including school psychologists, teachers, psychiatrists, case workers, employers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physicians.

Skill-Building Groups

Our center offers two different group therapy tracks, one for those with an ASD diagnosis and another tailored to parents of children with ASD. Our skill-building groups range from building social skills among peers, families and other community members, to self-advocacy, psychoeducational, and behavioral management groups.

Last Updated: 6/9/16