Confucius Institute at The University of Toledo


Dragon Boat Fest

2011.09.03   Chinese Dragon Boat Festival


 2012 Teacher Training

 2012.04.06   Local Chinese Teacher Training Seminar 


 Chinese Experience Day 2013

2012.11.14    Chinese Experience Day


 Chinese Experience Day 2013

 2013.02.05    Chinese Experience Day


Presentation to SJJ students

2013.03.20    "Spring in China" with students from St. John's Jesuit High School and Central Catholic High School


Teacher Training 2013

2013.04.05   Local Chinese Teacher Training Seminar 


International Festival 2013

2013.04.13   International Festival


Consul Chang Quansheng Visit

2013.04.22   Meeting with Consul Chang Quansheng, Consulate of the People's Republic of China in New York


Case Study


2013.04.24   "Confucius Institute" Case Study Presentation


Tower View

2013.09.03   Tower View with The University of Toledo’s Vice President for External Affairs - Lawrence J. Burns


Moon Festival 2013


2013.09.17   Chinese Moon Festival

Study aboard fair

2013.09.19   The University of Toledo Study Abroad Fair



2013.09.25   Office Decoration for Homecoming 


Chinese Culture Presentation at St. Richard School

2013.10.17   Chinese Culture Presentation at St. Richard School, Swanton, Ohio


Global Citzenship

2013.10.22   Global Citizenship Presentation


I Confucius

2013.11.06   International Education Week - "I, Confucius" Event 


New Office CISP

2013.11.06  Student Union Office Opening Ceremony for Center for International Studies and Programs


Presentation at Medical School

2013.11.20   "Traditional Chinese Medicine" Presentation at Medical School, The University of Toledo


Winter Camp

2013.12.10   Pre-departure Chinese Chinese Language & Cultural Class for China Winter Camp 2013


Winter Camp

2013.12.23   China Winter Camp 2013


Tower View

2014.02.06   Tower View with The University of Toledo’s Vice President for External Affairs - Lawrence J. Burns


Chinese New Year

2014.02.13 Chinese New Year Celebration Activities at Student Union, The University of Toledo


Hanban Troupe

2014.02.13   The Hosts of Hanban Performance Troupe, Rachel Johnson and Fei Xie


Hanban Troupe

2014.02.13   Hanban Performance Troupe (China Welcomes Spring 2014)


Photo Contest

2014.02.14   Love Theme Photo Contest


cooking class

2014.03.20   Chinese Cooking Class



2014.05.08   National Chinese Language Conference

(Prof. Gibbons met with Madam Xu Lin, Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Director-General of Hanban )


Huaqiao University

2014.05.19   Huaqiao University Visit to The University of Toledo




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