Confucius Institute at The University of Toledo

Chinese Language and Culture Courses & Community Outreach

The Confucius Institute offers the following programs and services bringing China to the Greater Toledo Area.


Chinese Language Courses

Offering non-credit Chinese language classes at three levels in addition to Business Chinese. Our experienced Chinese instructors also offer customized courses.

Tutoring Services

Chinese language tutoring is available to students enrolled in Confucius Institute courses. Tutoring services are offered to students taking classes in area schools and to UT students. Call 419.530.7750 to learn more.


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Chinese Conversation Classes 

UT students can strengthen their Chinese language skills through general conversation or specific topic discussions on matters such as campus life, travel in China or topics related to their studies.  These 30–minute sessions are ideal for students with some basic Chinese language skills. There are no costs to participate. To register and to learn more contact Dr. Dawei Han in Confucius Institute at or 419.530.8580.                                                        



Chinese Business Etiquette

Chinese business etiquette course offered upon request. One-on-one meetings as well as group presentations available. Call 419.530.7750 to learn more.

Web Resources: 

Chinese business etiquette

China Business Etiquette, Culture, & Manners


Great Wall of China

Request a Presentation

The Confucius Institute will give presentation about China and the Chinese culture to schools and community and school organizations. 

To request a speaker call 419.530.7750 or email 

In addition to the date and time, share with us the number of people, the who the audience is and presentation length desired.



Confucius Institute Collection

Recommended readings and resources on China's rich history, culture and more.  

You can find the Books and DVD'S the link.

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