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ITA Screening

2014 SPEAK Screening Date for ITAs: 

August 18, 2014, 9:00AM - 11:30AM

The University of Toledo and the American Language Institute screen new international graduate students (ITA) to ensure minimum standards of spoken language proficiency are met before allowing ITAs to teach at the university.

This page provides ITAs, department chairs, and faculty with information regarding the language screening, test dates, and the ITA class in the fall semester.

The coordinator for this program is Jason Dunstan, you can reach him at the American Language Institute e-mailing or calling (567) 686-4390 .

Here are the screening details for The University of Toledo:

1.iBT TOEFL Speaking score ≦18: The ITA must take the ITA training class in the fall semester and is not eligible to perform any teaching, proctoring, or tutoring duties at The University of Toledo. The ITA may request inclusion in the A.L.I. SPEAK test at their own expense (Cost: $60). 

2.iBT TOEFL Speaking score = 19, 20, or 21: The ITA must take the A.L.I. SPEAK test in August. The ITA must score a 220 or higher on the A.L.I. Speak test which is in the 74 percentile rank of all SPEAK test takers. 

3.iBT TOEFL Speaking score ≧ 22: The ITA is eligible to perform whatever duty their academic department assigns them to.

Graduate Student TOEFL Requirements

Last Updated: 6/26/15