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Core Cash Policy/Procedure

  • The Core Cash system is launched to maximize the use of Core Facilities and to facilitate faculty recruitment and retention. 
  • Core Cash may be used to cover regular service fees in any of the existing Core Facilities, except for the actual cost of materials/reagents, such as gene chips, protein chips, and antibodies.
  • Core Cash may be issued only by the HSC Provost.
  • Department Chairs may request Core Cash (up to $50,000 per department per year) to retain productive faculty, support new research projects, and promote research activities among trainees.     
  • Department Chairs may request Core Cash (up to $50,000) as a part of the start-up package for newly recruited faculty. 
  • Department Chairs may request Core Cash (up to $25,000) to complement institutional bridge funding.
  • Core Cash may not be used for on-going research projects with extramural funding.
  • Core Directors may claim Core Cash as income for the Core Facility for budget justification. 
  • Core Directors may use a minor portion (less than 5%) of service hours as Director’s discretionary credit hours to optimize the operation protocols and to develop newer technologies/applications. 
  • The Associate VP for Finance and Strategic Planning will notify Core Directors of newly issued Core Cash awards.
Last Updated: 6/9/16