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Charge/Training Policy for the Multiphoton/Confocal (Leica TCS SP5) Microscope

Fee for Usage of Equipment:  Principal investigators whose laboratory members use the Confocal- Multiphoton microscope and image analysis workstation will be charged a fee for the use of the equipment (see rates below).  The fee will be on a per hour basis and will be assessed on the actual usage as indicated by log in and log out times.  For example, if the actual usage time on the microscope in 1.25 hours the fee will be 1.25 multiplied by the per hour rate. 

Use charges are set to recover cost of service contracts, supplies and training staff.  Rates are determined by the advisory committee for the University of Toledo Advanced Microscopy & Imaging Center in accordance with the Director of Research & Grants. 

A yearly invoice will be signed prior to training/use of equipment allowing the usage charged to be billed in monthly increments on the same purchase invoice.

*If you are not directly responsible for the account payment, please be sure that this information is passed on to the relevant account administrator (Principle Investigator, etc.) for your lab PRIOR to use. 

Intended Application Form:  For each new project or application, users must complete an Intended Application or Project Description Form to assess feasibility and insure that the most appropriate instrument for the project is used (See form below) prior to initiating Center work.  In some cases, it may be necessary for Center staff to help a researcher assess the feasibility of a novel application.  Assessment charges will be subsidized by the Center and can be scheduled on an ad hoc basis at the discretion of the Center’s technical staff. 

Training Fee:  All unsupervised users of the Confocal microscopes (Leica TCS SP5 Multiphoton, Leica TCS SP2 or BioRad Radiance 2000) must have training through the University of Toledo Advanced Microscopy Imaging Center staff prior to any unsupervised use of the instrument.  Users interested in the training session should contact Andrea Kalinoski Ph.D. who will coordinate the sessions.  Training (6 hours total) will consist of a 3 hour group session during which the director/technician will explain and demonstrate general use of the equipment and a 3 hour session during which the user will work independently on the equipment while the director/technician is in the Center and available for questions.  If necessary advanced training can be scheduled at no additional cost.

Each user will be required to attend the 6 hours of training in order to use the confocal/muliphoton microscopes in an unsupervised environment.  Training is a one-time fee of 400.00/user that covers use of all 3 confocals and includes 4 hours of additional beam-time.  A laboratory PI may designate one or more person(s) for training.  Upon completion, that person would be a Certified User and may then train others from that lab for unsupervised use only with the Center’s consent.

After the user and the director/technical staff agree that the user is comfortable working independently with the equipment and billing information has been provided, users will be allowed to work unsupervised on the equipment between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Appropriately trained users may occasionally work outside of these hours with permission from the director/technical staff, but this must be approved for each instrument and is not encouraged.

Instruments that require formal training:

Equipment Rates:

Confocal (Leica TCS SP2 or SP5) Microscopes
Internal User: Unsupervised   40.00/Hr.
  Supervised       90.00/Hr.
External User: Unsupervised   50.00/Hr
  Supervised       100.00/Hr
Industrial User: Unsupervised   80.00/Hr.
  Supervised       150.00/Hr
Multiphoton (SP5)
Internal User: Unsupervised   60.00/Hr.
  Supervised       110.00/Hr.
External User: Unsupervised   70.00/Hr
  Supervised       120.00/Hr
Industrial User: Unsupervised   120.00/Hr.
  Supervised       170.00/Hr

Electron Microscopy is available but falls under a separate AMIC policy. Contact William Gunning Ph.D. at for usage policy and fees.

Confocal 3 (BioRad Radiance 2000) Microscope
Internal User: Unsupervised   30.00/Hr.
  Supervised       60.00/Hr.
External User: Unsupervised   30.00/Hr
  Supervised       60.00/Hr
Industrial User: Unsupervised   60.00/Hr.
  Supervised       120.00/Hr

Instruments that do not require formal training:

  Academic         Industry Rates
Total Internal Reflection Microscope       25.00/hr 50.00/hr
Laser Capture Microscope         25.00/hr  50.00/hr
Widefield Fluoresecence/Digital Imaging Microscopes 15.00/hr 50.00/hr
Cell Analysis System (CAS) Microdensitometer 25.00/hr 50.00/hr

Unsupervised User: Any Certified User who has completed the proper training for usage of the equipment.

Internal User:  Any University of Toledo or affiliated University student, staff or faculty member who will be using the facility.

External User:  Any outside University who will be using the facility technical staff or equipment to perform the work will be charged an intermediate rate.

Industrial User:  Any user who does not meet the Internal or External criteria.

Last Updated: 6/9/16