University of Toledo

Manuals and Guidelines

DLAR has prepared the following Manuals and Guidelines to assist with protocol development and technical procedures:


Lab Mouse

Information Manual for Investigators Using Rodents

Surgery on Lab Rat                                                                      

Animal Surgical Guidance                                                                                                                  


AALAS Body Condition Scoring

Animal Acquisition Guidelines

Guidelines and Oversight of Surgical Procedures in Rodents

Guidelines for Blood Collection:  Rodents and Rabbits

Guidelines for Single Housing of Social Animals

Guidelines for the Use of Tribromoethanol/Avertin Anesthesia

Guidelines for Use of Adjuvants and Polyclonal Antibody Production

Guidelines for Use of Zebrafish in the NIH Intramural Research Program

Guidelines on the Use of Pentobarbital in Rodent Surgery

Post Procedural Care of Research Animals

Rodent Breeding Colony Guidelines

Social Housing Guidelines

Stabilization/Acclimation Times for Research Animals

Veterinary Care in the Research Environment

Zoo and Wildlife Biomaterials in Research

Last Updated: 6/9/16