Supply Chain Management


Preferred Supplier Agreements – Please continue to utilize the preferred suppliers listed on our website.  Feel free to provide feedback as to your experiences so that we may share back with our supplier partners.  The information has been updated in several instances for many of the categories, so make sure you are visiting our site often to review the information for the purchase you are about to make. 

As a reminder, purchasing would love to come to your department meeting to learn more about your purchase needs.  Contact Jen Pastorek or Tracy Pakulski to schedule us into your next meeting.

If you have a category of spend not represented on our Preferred Supplier Agreement page, email or and we’ll get a team working on it!

A huge thank you to everyone who is aligning their purchases with this list of suppliers in support of our quest to reduce administrative and operational expenses.

Toner Scams – July 2016 update -our departments continue to be contacted by these ‘toner scammers’.  As a reminder, our multi- function devices (RICOH) have paper and toner included in our contract.   The scammer will have information that leads you to believe they are legit, even down to the location of the device.   At no time should anyone agree to purchase toner for these devices.   Offer to transfer the call to purchasing and they will typically hang up.  If you can obtain the name of the company, that is helpful to pass along so we can alert everyone.

Last Updated: 7/21/16