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Bb9.1 Guide: Online Learning Module


Blackboard 9.1 FAQ

Assessing Your Students

    • First let's add an assignment link or area on the course menu.
      • Click the plus sign + (add menu item) at the top left corner of the course menu
      • Click Create Content Area.
      • Enter a name for this item - Assignments


      • Click Submit.
    • Then, let's create an assignment.
      • Click the assignment link you just added.
      • Mouse over Create Assessment.
      • Click Assignment.

      • Enter a name for this assignment.
      • Add instructions for students.


      • Attach instructions or a file if desired.
      • Enter a number in the Points Possible box.
      • Set the assignment availablilty, due dates and recipients.


      • Click the Submit button.

  • How do I download student assignments?
    • After the due date of an assignment,  under Control panel, click Grade Center
    • Click Assignments


    • Locate the column for the assignment and click the contextual menu for the assignment to reveal a list of options
    • Click Assignment file download


    • Check the box under Select Users to select all users.
    • Click the Submit button.
    • Click Download assignments now.
    • Click OK when a new window appears to save all the files onto the download folder on your computer.
    • The file is a compressed zip file. You can click it to reveal all the documents your students submitted.

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  • How do I return graded assignments/papers to my students and enter grades?
    • Under the Control panel, click  Grade Center
    • Click Assignments


    • Click the contextual menu for the assignment to reveal a list of options
    • Click Grade attempts


    • Enter a score in the grade box under 3. Grade Current Attempt
    • Click the Browse my computer button.
    • Locate the graded file on your computer.
    • Click Save and Next to upload next student’s paper, or save and exit if you do not want to upload another assignment.

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  • I do not ask students submit their assignments to SafeAssign directly. How do I use SafeAssignment to compare student assignments to online database?
    • Download students’ submissions onto your desktop.
    • Click Course Tools under Control panel.
    • Click SafeAssign.


    • Click DirectSubmit.


    • Enter a new folder name, e.g. BUAD9990_901_Project1, and click Add.
    • direct submit
    • Select the folder you just added.
    • Select Submit as draft.
    • Click the Browse button.

    • Locate the file on your desktop or flash drive and double click it.
    • Click the Submit button.


  • How do I view reports on the papers I submitted via DirectSubmit?
    • Access the SafeAssign tool from Control Panel << Course Tools.


    • Click DirectSubmit.

    • Alist of submitted papers will appear. Percentage of matching indicates the percentage of a submitted paper matches resources online and in the institutional database.
    • Click under the SA Report column to display the report for each paper.submitted

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