Facilities and Construction

Construction Reform Demonstration Projects | Bowman-Oddy Laboratories & Wolfe Hall Renovations

The state of Ohio has approved three projects to test a new construction method that is said to be more flexible and efficient as well as increase minority participation in public construction. The University of Toledo along with Ohio State University and Central State University have renovation projects that have been selected as pilot projects to utilize this new method for public construction. During the life of this project, key indicators such as cost, time efficiency, minority business participation and quality will be evaluated.

The University of Toledo is looking for a diverse group of contractors to participate in this project which constitutes over $7 million in renovations to exisiting campus buildings, Wolfe Hall and Bowman-Oddy Laboratories.

The Bowman-Oddy renovation will include 3 floors and will create the Center for Biosphere Restoration Research and be the permanent location for 13 faculty members from the Department of Environment Services in the College of Arts Sciences. Wolfe Hall will be renovated to allow for the relocation of the undergraduate science labs and support moving from the Bowman-Oddy facility.

For more information, please see the presentation
Center for Biosphere Restoration Research Outreach Event June, 30, 2010.

Chuck Lehnert
VP, Facilities and Construction and Interim Director, Scott Park Campus for Energy and Innovation | The University of Toledo

Daniel Klett
Director, Space Planning | The University of Toledo

Lorie Sarnes
Compliance Officer | The University of Toledo

Joe Kunkle
PIC, PM | SSOE Group Architects & Engineers

Last Updated: 6/5/17