College of Health Sciences

CHS Diversity Committee

In concert with the University of Toledo’s values and expectations, the faculty within the College of Health Sciences upholds the tenets pledged by the University to respect and value personal uniqueness and differences.  Specifically, we will actively participate in the initiatives of the University to attract and retain diverse faculty, staff, and students; to challenge stereotypes; and to promote sensitivity toward diversity and foster an environment of inclusion in all curricular and extra-curricular activities. 

Hence, we expect that all College of Health Sciences' faculty, students and staff will be expected to:
  • Promote a collaborative and supportive educational environment in a diverse community
  • Treat every individual with kindness, consideration, dignity, and respect regardless of:
    • Gender
    • Race/ethnicity,
    • Religion,
    • Sexual orientation,
    • Impairment(s)/Disability(ies),
    • Social economic status,
    • Political views,  and
    • Other element(s) of diversity

      Diversity Membership

      A)    The Diversity Committee (DC) will consist of one–full-time faculty member from each department, elected by the department; two staff members, elected by the staff of the College, and two students nominated by and appointed by the Diversity Committee by majority vote. The Dean or a designee that holds an academic administrative position will be a non-voting, ex-officio member of this committee.

      1. Each Department Chairperson is responsible for organizing the elections for the selection of a departmental representative to this committee.
      2. The name of the department representative that will serve for the next academic year should be forwarded to the College Council Chairperson by April 15.

      B)    The Diversity Committee shall have the following responsibilities:

      1. Elect a Chairperson and determine procedures for committee operations.
      2. Develop and promote mechanisms to increase diversity that are consistent with the College Diversity Plan.
      3. Collaborate and negotiate with committees within the University and the community in an effort to achieve goals.
      4. Review and make recommendations for revisions to the College Diversity Plan.
      5. Support the development of department-wide diversity plans that reflect the mission and principles of the college-wide plan and provide consultation when requested.
      6. Perform other functions as assigned by the College Council and/or the Dean.
      7. Evaluate the functions of the DC and recommend revisions when appropriate.
Diversity Committee Members
(Meets 1st Wednesday of the month at 12:30 pm)
Health and Recreation Professions Julie Coyle, M.Ed., LSW (Co-Chair)
Rehabilitation Sciences Jennifer Glassman, MA, CCC-SLP (Co-Chair)
Health and Recreation Professions Kerri Knippen, MPH, RD, LD, BC-ADM
Health and Recreation Professions Jessica Sloan Kruger, Doctoral Student/Health Education
Health and Recreation Professions Wendy Maran, MA, CTRS
Kinesiology Alice McAfee, PhD., MA, LPC
Dean's Office Barry Scheuermann, PhD, Associate Dean
Health and Recreation Professions Jody L. Morris, MSBS-HDS, Lecturer
Rehabilitation Sciences Rachael Walunis, BA, Graduate Assistant/SLP

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