College of Health Sciences

Academic Affairs Committee

A)    Membership: The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) will consist of one full-time Faculty who is either tenured, tenure eligible, or who has an open-ended, continuing contract from each department that provides undergraduate and/or graduate classes. Two students, one undergraduate and one graduate, nominated by College Council Members and confirmed by a simple majority vote of College Council shall serve as nonvoting members. The Dean or a designee that holds an academic administrative position and the Director of Student Services for the Colleges of Health Sciences, Education, and Human Services Professions will be nonvoting, ex officio members of this committee.

  1. Each Department Chairperson is responsible for organizing the elections for the selection of a departmental representative to this committee.
  2. The name of the department representative that will serve for the next academic year should be forwarded to the College Council Chairperson by April 15.
  3. Members shall serve a term of two years.
  4. Members shall serve no more than two consecutive terms.

B)    The Academic Affairs Committee shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Elect a chairperson and determine procedures for committee operations;
  2. Make recommendations regarding College-wide policies for undergraduate and graduate students, programs, and administrative tracking;
  3. Develop recommendations for and review undergraduate and graduate student policies for admission, retention, and for graduate students time-extension and other appeal procedures and practices;
  4. Review all proposals for courses and other matters related to undergraduate and graduate programs of the College and generally oversee all curriculum matters in the College;
  5. Assist in developing College-wide recruitment tools for undergraduate and graduate study;
  6. Evaluate the functions of the Academic Affairs Committee and recommend revisions when appropriate.
  7. Facilitate the function of the Honors Subcommittee.

C)     The recommendations of the Academic Affairs Committee will be posted to the College Council website for review by Faculty of the College. An e-mail notification to this effect will be sent to the College Faculty informing them of the website posting. After a period of three business days, the material will be sent electronically to the College Council for discussion and action at the next meeting. Upon review and acceptance, the recommendations will be certified by the College Council and immediately forwarded to the Dean. Should a Faculty Member have a concern regarding the posted proposed change, the concern should be directed to the Chairperson of the Academic Affairs Committee for review and consideration with the three-day posting period.

Academic Affairs Committee Members  
(Meets 1st Tuesday of the month @11:00 a.m.)
Health and Recreation Professions  Eric Longsdorf, Chair
Kinesiology  Sarah Long
Rehabilitation Sciences  Lori Pakulski
Dean's designee (non-voting)  Heather Tessler
Undergraduate Student member (selected by Council)  Ashley Schnabel
Graduate Student Member (Selected by Council)  Jon Niese              

 D)    Honors Subcommittee

  1.  The Honors Subcommittee will consist of one Faculty Representative from each department that provides undergraduate classes and a non-voting ex officio Director of the College Honors Program.
  2. The Director of the College Honors Program will serve as Chairperson of the Honors Subcommittee.
  3. The Honors Subcommittee shall have the following responsibilities:
    1. Review, and if acceptable, propose approval of honors classes proposed by the departments;
    2. Review, and if acceptable, approve departmental honors policies and procedures;

      Honors Subcommittee
      Kinesiology  Frank Pizza
      Rehabilitation Sciences  Lori Pakulski

Last Updated: 6/9/16