College of Health Sciences

Program Description

Recreation and Leisure Studies Program Overview:

Recreation is a human service profession and we will assist you in obtaining knowledge and experience so that when your degree is completed you can assist others in achieving personal leisure goals and growth through leisure experiences.  We have a very experienced faculty who will provide you with formal and practical educational experiences throughout your academic endeavors.

The Recreation and Leisure Studies Program is accredited by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). The program prepares recreation professionals for rewarding and exciting careers in the rapidly growing field of parks, recreation, and leisure services through traditional campus and web based courses.

Currently students enrolling in the undergraduate recreation and leisure studies program must complete a core set of coursework which includes the following:

RCRT 1300 Introduction to Recreation & Leisure Studies
RCRT 1310 Recreation Programming
RCRT 2300 Recreation Leadership & Group Dynamics
RCRT 2310 Volunteerism

RCRT 3310 Inclusive Recreation
RCRT 3940 Recreation Application Experience
RCRT 3710 Adventure Programming in Recreation & Recreational Therapy
RCRT 4330 Administration in Recreation & Recreational Therapy
RCRT 4340 Leisure, Recreation, & Aging
RCRT 4430 Interpretive Services or approved course substitution
RCRT 4440 Park & Recreation Planning
RCRT 4450 Research Applications in Recreation & Recreational Therapy
RCRT 4520 Urban Park & Open Space Administration or approved course substitution
RCRT 4530 Recreation Policy & Leadership or approved course substitution
RCRT 4770 Project Design
RCRT 4780 Project Evaluation
RCRT 4930 Senior Internship

Further, students preparing for graduate study or professional employment in a recreation or recreation-related area requiring specialized study may also elect to develop a specialized optional support course plan of study to meet their individual needs.

Entrance Requirements

Students wishing to major in the Division's RLS program enter under conditional status as a Pre-Recreation and Leisure Studies (PRLS) major. The PRLS student is able to enroll in University Undergraduate Core curriculum courses, Pre-Recreation and Leisure Studies curriculum courses, and Recreation and Leisure Studies Support curriculum courses.

Following completion of the PRLS curriculum (RCRT 1300, 1310, 2300, 2310, 3310, and 3940) and an additional 33 credit hours taken from: (a) the University Core curriculum, (b) the RLS Support curriculum and (c) RLS elective options for a total of 48 credit hours students qualify to apply for Professional Sequence Study.

Professional Sequence Study Entrance Requirements

Submission of a completed RLS Professional Sequence Study Application, University Transcript (May be unofficial), completion of 48 credit hours including RCRT 1300, 1310, 2300, 2310, 3310, and 3940, no less than a grade of “C” in any RCRT coursework, and minimum GPA of 2.5. 

Culminating Experience (Senior Internship)

All internships will be offered as the culminating educational experience and will only be offered in the summer upon successful completion of all Recreation and Leisure Study, Plan of Study, coursework. The Internship Preparation instructor will validate preparedness for internship readiness.  A student who is not accepted to do their internship must wait until the following summer when the internship course is offered.

Culminating Experience (Senior Internship)Requirements

Completion of all RLS Plan of Study course work with no less than a “C” grade in any RCRT course, Overall GPA of 2.7 or greater, submission of Internship Application and RLS Coordinator approval.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of a minimum of 124 credit hours, completion of the entire RLS curriculum with no less than a “C” grade in any RCRT course.  Minimum 2.5 GPA.


Last Updated: 6/9/16