College of Health and Human Services

B.S in Public Health

The public health program is designed to prepare students to work in non-profit health organizations, in local, state and national government health agencies, or in worksite wellness. Public Health major and minor are available through this program. The mission of the undergraduate Public Health Program is to prepare students to use theory-driven approaches to promote health and prevent disease within specific populations.

Bachelor of Science in Public Health Degree Requirements
Students should follow and complete the degree requirements as displayed in the public health program of study chart. At least 124 semester hours are required for graduation. The curriculum for the Public Health major in the pre-med track is available as well.

In addition, students should complete the following requirements:

Natural Science Courses (29 hours) Hours
(Seven hours used to satisfy University core)
BIOL 2150 Fundamentals of Life Sciences I 4
BIOL 2160 Fundamentals of Life Sciences Lab I 1
CHEM 1120 Chemistry for Life Sciences 4
KINE 2590 Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 4
KINE 2510 Human Anatomy 3
KINE 2520 Human Anatomy Lab 1
KINE 2530 Human Physiology 3
KINE 2540 Human Physiology Lab 1
KINE 3520 Applied Exercise Physiology 3
KINE 3530 Applied Exercise Physiology Lab 1
KINE 3730 Fitness Assessment and Programming 2

Social Sciences (12 hours) Hours
Choose four courses from the following:
ANTH 4760 Medical Anthropology 3
PSC 2300 Principles of State & Local Government 3
PSC 4350 Health Care Delivery Systems 3
PSY 2200 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 2700 Social Psychology 3
SOC 1750 Social Problems (may satisfy core soc. sci.) 3
SOC 4100 Community Organizing & Development 3
SOC 4160 Health & Gender 3
SOC 4180 Medical Sociology 3
SOC 4660 Racial & Ethnic Minorities 3
SOC 4730 Social Psychiatry 3

Skill for Public Health (9-10 hours) Hours
Choose three courses from the following:
COMM 2000 Mass Communication and Society 3
COMM 2600 Public Presentations 3
COMM 3820 Persuasion Theory 4
EDP 4330 Behavior Management 3
HEAL 1800 Medical Terminology 3
TSOC 4100 Group Processes in Education 3


To choose public health as your major, the following fact-finding process provides some important things to consider:

1) GPA: Public health field is growing increasingly competitive. To enroll in the core requirement courses, including the sophomore level practicum and senior internship, at least a 2.7 GPA is required. To get a job in this field, students should strive for at least a 3.0 GPA. To enter graduate school in this field (Masters of Public Health Degree), students should strive for a 3.5 GPA. If your GPA is currently below 2.5, Public Health is probably not the best major for you.

2) Chemistry & Science Courses: Public health major requires that you pass chemistry and rigorous science courses in anatomy, physiology, human disease, etc. If chemistry and science courses are difficult for you, this is probably not the best major for you.

3) Professionalism: We have very high standards for our students. Students are expected to perform with excellence in the classroom; act with a high level of professionalism in all areas; join and actively participate in our student organization (Eta Sigma Gamma); attend local, state, and/or regional professional conferences; get involved in research with faculty members; and participate in community service. If you do not have the time or the willingness to be a true leader in these areas, then public health is probably not the best major for you.

4) Starting Salary: The entry level salary for people with an undergraduate public health degree is $ 35,000 to $ 40,000. Essentially very similar to what school teachers earn. If you are looking to make a lot of money in your profession, public health is probably not a good choice. Public health practitioners do not make a lot of money.

5) Jobs: To find a good job in public health, you will likely have to move to a different city or different state. There are very few public health jobs in NW Ohio. If you choose this major, plan to move.

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Last Updated: 7/25/17