Jesup Scott Honors College

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Advanced Degree Pathways

Jesup Scott Honors College graduates are well-prepared to further their education in one of UT’s distinguished graduate and professional degree programs, including medicine, law, engineering, education, nursing, business, communication and more.
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Graduate Programs

Advance your education - research UT's Master's and Ph.D. programs. Learn more.

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Graduate Online

Opportunities exist to continue your education online by pursuing UT's many accredited online graduate, professional, and doctoral programs. Learn more.

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Graduate Certificates

UT offers a variety of certificates in healthcare, business, and personal enrichment. Learn more.

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College of Law

Whether you attend full-time or part-time, you can complete your law degree with a wide array of clinical courses and internships. Learn more.

Toledo Law has a presumptive admissions program, UT Advantage, for UT students who meet eligibility requirements.

Toledo Law is offering this program in recognition of the high caliber of students graduating from of the University of Toledo and in continuing partnership with the University community. Visit UT Advantage for details.

College of Medicine

The M.D. program is a student-centered, world-class program for those interested in becoming physicians and physician scientists. The Baccalaureate/MD Program is another exciting option for students. Learn more.

College of Pharmacy

Clinical and research fellowships as well as residencies provide students with valuable professional training under the guidance of prominent practitioners. Learn more.


Last Updated: 6/9/16