Minority Business Development Center

Economic Development at The University of Toledo

The University of Toledo has made a commitment to collaboratively grow, diversify and transform the regional economy. UT accomplishes this by nurturing entrepreneurial and economic development in the Toledo community and by applying the knowledge resources of UT to enhance global competitiveness.



 “The UT Minority Business Development Center has been a great gathering place for incubation of startup projects. This miniature think tank is already churning out new and innovative ways to do business, while working off of each other’s synergy. Kudos to The University of Toledo for making this opportunity happen.”

-Gary Johnson, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


“The Minority Business Development Center has enabled me to obtain goals I thought were impossible for me to accomplish at this stage in my business. The MBDC staff will direct you to valuable resources and networking opportunities to help your business to grow.”

-Sharon Newman, Rose of Sharon Fashions

Last Updated: 9/22/17