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Pager Information

New Pager requests - To obtain a new pager please click this link, Pager form, you will be redirected to a form that must be completed. **You will also need to submit an IT iSupport Ticket indicating that your are requesting ACTIVATION of a NEW Pager.  If you have any questions email Pager_Requests@UToledo.Edu. Click here to be redirected to the IT HELP DESK website where you can submit your iSupport Ticket.

Exchange Request/Lost or Damage Costs - To obtain, exchange or replace a pager that was lost or damaged visit the Pager Exchange Station located in Mulford Library 006. Instructions are clearly posted and spare pagers are available.

 Pager Exchange Station

Upgrade Request - To upgrade from a digital to an alpha pager, contact Pager_Requests@UToledo.Edu, include the pager number with the request. **You will also need to submit an IT iSupport Ticket indicating that your are requesting an UPGRADED Pager.  Upgrades will result in an increase to monthly fees.

User Guides - Click this link to view user guides

Pager types available for lease:

Numeric Pager $1.95 per Month

  • Receive Numeric pages or codes, up to 20 digits in length
  • 30 Message Memory
  • 12 tones and vibrations
  • Always, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana Coverage

Text Pager $3.95 per Month

  • 4 Lines x 20 Alpha Character display
  • Up to 16 saved Messages
  • Lighted Display
  • Multiple Alert Options
  • Always, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana coverage





Last Updated: 5/26/16