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Pager Request

New Pager requests - To obtain a new pager please click this link, Pager form, you will be redirected to a form that must be completed. If you have any questions contact Pam Imbery on the Health Science Campus at 419.383.6012 or via email at

Exchange Request/Lost or Damage Costs - To obtain, exchange or replace a pager that was lost or damaged contact at 419.383.6012. Include pager number with the request and you will be contacted or advised when the replacement pager is ready. You must return the damaged pager when picking up the new pager or you will be charged a lost pager fee of $25 for digital and $50 for an alpha pager.

Upgrade Request - To upgrade from a digital to an alpha pager, contact at 419.383.6012. Include the pager number with the request. Upgrades will result in an increase to monthly fees.

Last Updated: 3/23/15