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Cost-of-Attendance Budget

The following budget is an estimate of your educational expenses for one academic year at The University of Toledo College of Law. The budget is adjusted annually (in July) and is comprised of direct costs for tuition and fees, and indirect costs for books and supplies, transportation, and modest living expenses.

These figures should serve as a guide to reasonable expenses associated with attending The University of Toledo College of Law.

Please note that a student’s combined financial aid resources cannot exceed the standard cost-of-attendance budget.

Estimated 2015-2016 Cost-of-Attendance Budget (9 months)



General Fee


Room & Board (Off Campus)


Books & Supplies


Personal Expenses


Transportation (Off Campus)                    


Library/Misc Fee


Sub Total


Loan Fee






Out of State charge


Total with Out of State Charge


Allowable Expenses

Although the process of determining a student’s aid eligibility is the same for all students, adjustments to the budget can be made for some allowable expenses. Students who would like their budget increased for allowable expenses should contact the Law Financial Aid Office for more information.

An increase to your student budget does not guarantee additional loan eligibility.

Excess Mileage – You may be considered for an increase if you reside more than 50 miles from the College of Law and attend classes at least two days a week. An Excess Mileage Affidavit is required as well as a copy of the student’s driver’s license and a utility bill (for documentation of student’s address).

Child Care – If you are paying for dependent child care while you are enrolled in classes, you may receive a budget increase. You must submit a signed statement from a licensed child care center verifying the amount you pay for childcare expenses for the qualifying periods of enrollment.

Computer Purchase – A student’s budget can be increased to allow for the purchase of a laptop computer. You must provide a copy of the receipt dated no more than 60 days prior to the beginning of the current term and a signed statement of intent to the Law Financial Aid Office. The increase will allow for the purchase price of the computer and does not allow for additional software purchase, printer, warranty, shipping, etc. A computer purchase can increase your student budget only once.

Non-Allowable Expenses include parking tickets, consumer debt, membership fees, gifts, and vacations, among others.


Last Updated: 12/3/15