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Value Scholarship

Value Scholarship Caps Tuition at $17,900 for New Students from Ohio and Michigan Entering in Fall 2014.

Toledo Law guarantees that new full-time students who are residents of Ohio or Michigan entering in Fall 2014 will pay no more than $17,900 per year in tuition for all three years of law school.

Each full-time, new student from Ohio or Michigan received a Value Scholarship in an amount that assures he or she pays no more than $17,900 in tuition for the academic year 2014-15. Toledo Law’s regular 2014-2015 tuition of $20,578 is already the lowest in-state tuition rate in Ohio and Michigan.

The Value Scholarship will be renewed in an amount that assures the student pays no more than $17,900 per year in tuition for academic years 2015-16 and 2016-17, even if tuition increases.

Michigan residents entering as new students in Fall 2014 pay the same tuition as Ohio residents for all three years of law school by virtue of the Michigan Resident Scholarship Guarantee.

The Value Scholarship applies to a maximum of six fall and spring semesters and does not apply to summer semesters. The $17,900 tuition does not include fees. In the event tuition drops to or below $17,900 per year, the amount of the Value Scholarship will be zero.


Please contact the Law Admissions Office.

Last Updated: 10/17/17