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Sight Center of Toledo Records, 1920-2004




Size:   12.25 linear feet

Provenance:  Gift of the Sight Center of Toledo, August 2003.

Access: open

Collection Summary: Founded in 1923 as the Toledo Society for the Blind, this organization strove to improve the lives of persons with visual impairments by teaching vocational and life skills and hosting social events. 
The collection includes photographs, administrative records, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks. 

Subjects: Disability History, Education and Schools and Social welfare

Related Collections: This collection is part of the Regional Disability History Archive Project.

Processing Note:

Copyright: The literary rights to this collection are assumed to rest with the person(s) responsible for the production of the particular items within the collection, or with their heirs or assigns.  Researchers bear full legal responsibility for the acquisition to publish from any part of said collection per Title 17, United States Code.  The Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections may reserve the right to intervene as intermediary at its own discretion.


Completed by: Timothy Daene and Andrea Falcone, August 2004.  Additions made 2005-2009, Kim Brownlee. Updated March 2011, Zachary R. Dehm. Updated by Mariah Startzman, November 2011. Updated by Tamara Jones, September 2013; last updated: July 2014


Historical Sketch


The Sight Center of Toledo was originally founded in 1923 under the name Toledo Society for the Blind.  The first executive secretary was Dr. Harry Will, as associate professor of Sociology at the University of Toledo.  The society was housed in the former Adams Street Mission building (572 Ontario Street), but in 1927 it bought a house at 718 Michigan Street with the money left to it by glass industrialist Edward Drummond Libbey.  This building was used for group events and provided no residency accommodations.  Also that year, the organization drafted articles of incorporation and a constitution.  The Toledo Society for the Blind was supported in its early years by the Lion’s Club, the Ohio Commission for the Blind, LaSalle and Koch Department Store, the Security Savings Bank and Trust, the Toledo Council of Catholic Women, the Girl Scouts, Mrs. Noah Swayne (who left 1/16 of her estate to the organization), and the Toledo Committee of the American Foundation for the Blind.  This foundation sponsored a visit by Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan Macy in January 1925. 


The Society worked to improve the lives of Toledo area persons with visual impairments by conducting vocational and life skills workshops and hosting social events.  Children who were visually impaired attended sight saving classes at Jefferson, Lincoln, and LaGrange schools where they also received vocational and social training.


In the 1930s, Mrs. Estelle Parsons became the executive secretary and Edward E. Evans became the president of the executive board.  The mission of the board was “to further the interests of the blind and to open to them all possible avenues to independence, all possible avenues to independence, education, and recreation.”  The Society continued to receive aid from the Lion’s Clubs and the Ohio Commission for the Blind, and also started receiving help form the Community Chest, the Toledo Women’s Club, the Business and Professional Women’s Club, and wealthy individuals. Along with the Society’s traditional vocational workshops and sight saving classes, two social clubs, The Happy Times Club and the Progressive Club, were formed.  In March 1934, the Society ordered its first talking book machine, and by September 1939 had procured two seeing-eye dogs.  The Society for the Blind continued to sponsor social gatherings such as educational lectures, dances, swimming at the “Y”, and a day at Lake Erie.


In the 1940s the Society had a few major events including the publishing of its history, “A Record of Friendly Service to the Blind.”  The organization supported the war effort by making waterproof boxes to help ship supplies for soldiers in the war and made bandages for Toledo Hospital.  The development of the audio weighing scale provided new job openings for the blind and the Society expanded by purchasing the old Smead School site.  The Society continued to grow despite the departure of long-time executive secretary Estelle Parsons, who retired in 1949.


In the 1950s J. J. Vischel left the organization $50,000.  The executive council expanded to 13 people to meet the expanding needs and services.  From 1958 to 1972 Lyle Kirk served at executive director and Linda Clark, who served as executive secretary throughout this decade, retired.  In 1956 they moved to the organization’s current home on Canton Street in downtown Toledo.  In the 1960s a new 1800 foot addition was made to the industrial department, including remodeling of three parking areas. 


In the 1970s the Society opened a snack bar for the community, and in 1978 it purchased the Thermoform Braille Duplicator.  The following year the organization changed its name to the Sight Center of Toledo.


In the 1980s the Sight Center was forced, despite deficit spending to make cut backs to save money and to start charging for previously free services.  In 1980 the organization obtained Socrates, the Talking Computer, allowing those who were visually impaired to become computer literate.  In July 1982 the organization began broadcasting the news to the blind.  By the end of the decade, SCAN, the Sight Center Audio Network, began airing news from local newspapers and national magazines. 


In the 1990s, the organization continued to development new ways to use technology to improve the lives of the visually impaired.  In 1995, executive director Barry McEwen resigned, and John Davies took over the position.  In 1999, the Sight Center’s building on Canton Avenue was purchased by the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, and plans began for a new building.


Scope and Content Note


The records of the Sight Center of Toledo are arranged in three series:  Series I, Audio Visual Materials; Series II, Administrative Records; and Series III, Newspaper Clippings and Scrapbooks. 


Series I, Audio Visual Materials, is arranged in two sub-series by format.  Subseries A, Photographs, is arranged alphabetically by subject.  An extensive item-level description of the photographs is included in this inventory.  The photographs show activities of the organization (both social and service related) and persons involved with the organization either as staff, guests, or clients.  Box 5 includes photographs of people who did not fit into one of the other categories of photographs.  All photographs are identified by name and date where known, size, and whether black and white or color.  Negatives are filed with the photographs.  Subseries B, Other Formats, consists of film and video about Sight Center activities.  Included are public service announcements for the Center produced by TV-Channel 24, Toledo, as well as video of Sight Center events covered by Toledo news stations.  One oral history interview of a Sight Center client is also included.


Series II, Administrative Files, is arranged alphabetically by subject.  This series includes annual reports, brochures, limited correspondence, and files on the history of the organization.  Publications include the newsletters Goin’s On and Sightings, manuals, and publications produced for clients on preventing blindness. 


Series III, Newspaper Clippings and Scrapbooks, consists of clippings about Toledo Society for the Blind and Sight Center activities and services from its earliest days arranged chronologically.  Loose clippings are arranged in folders chronologically, while materials in the scrapbooks remain in their original order and are arranged largely in chronological order within the books.  The scrapbooks contain occasional photographs and other materials.  The scrapbooks are fragile and should be handled with care.  A detailed card index to the clippings and scrapbooks produced by a Sight Center volunteer is included as boxes (nos. here).



Folder List

Box Folder Description
Series I.  Audio Visual Materials
Subseries A.  Photographs
1 1 Activities
B/W, hay ride, 1970s
B/W, lichter lecture 1976
B/W, boy at mike, undated, x2
B/W, woman showing shoe form,1967
B/W, ibid, with smile
B/W, save your sight in new display cases, 1964, x7
B/W, woman making picture,1964
B/W, Lucas County fair, Aug., 1960
B/W, meal at open house,1960
B/W, meal at open house, April 30 – May 6, 1961
B/W, man speaking, 1967
B/W, quilting group, 1958
B/W, open house, 1960, x4
B/W, blind man at united way dinner, 1987, x3
B/W, man serving food, undated, x3
B/W, people talking, 1987
B/W, blind guests enjoy red shots, undated
B/W, handicapped kids gardening, undated
B/W, people coughing at banquet, undated
B/W, three men dancing, undated
Negatives, blind man at table with girl, undated
Negatives, hay ride, undated
2 Animals
Color, horse racing, 9-11-93, two pictures in black display folder
B/W, three-legged cat called “Tigger,” November 13, 1987, x12
B/W, 8x10, Tigger, undated
3 Anniversary
B/W, 50th Ann. picture of bldg., May, 1974, x4
4 Art museum, kids
Color, making crafts, November, 1993, x18
Color, touring museum, November, 1993, x8
Color, touring museum, Undated, x6
B/W, kids touring museum, May 20, 1993, x39
Negatives, Art Museum, 11-93, one sheet
Negatives, Art Museum, May 20, 1993, two sheets
Negatives, kids in museum, undated, one sheet
5 Austin, Dr.
Negatives, putt-putt outside bldg., undated, one sheet
6 Bake Sale, Feb. 1985
B/W, Serving food, Feb.,1985, x5
7 Barber, Dave
B/W, Blind man working in studio, undated, x6
8 Bartell, Frank J.
B/W, 4x6, Portrait, undated
9 Baseball
Color, Cleveland, 8-93, x4
B/W, Cleveland Indian Stadium Baseball game, 1980, x13, with negatives
B/W, 8x10, baseball ball getting holes, undated
Negatives, Baseball ball, April 14, 1993, one sheet
Negatives, Baseball game Cleveland, 9-90, one sheet
10 Baseball game, 1988
B/W, Baseball game, 1988-9, x19
11 Basketball
Color, action shot, undated
Color, blurred action shot, undated, x2
B/W, players with fans posed, undated, x2
B/W, action shot, undated, x3
B/W, mascot, undated
B/W, 4x6, action shot, undated
B/W, 4x6, Browns player signing autographs, undated
B/W, 4x6, ref and coach, undated
B/W, 4x6, sports event, undated, x4
B/W, 6x8, b-ball team Ohio school for blind in Columbus, 1925
Negatives, browns b-ball, two sheets
Negatives, B-Ball action shots, 1991, four sheets
Negatives, B-Ball, 1991, two sheets
Negatives, B-ball, 1989, one sheet
Negatives, browns game, 1990, one and half sheets
Negatives, B-Ball team, 1990, one row
12 Basketball part 2
Color, McEwen at a game, undated
Color, Browns players signing autographs, undated, x6
Color, Browns players high-fiving each other, undated, x3
Color, Mascot, undated, x2
Color, Players of different teams standing around, undated, x11
Color, Blurry action photos, undated, x4
Color, Team photos of different teams, undated, x24
Color, Brown action shots, undated, x75
B/W, different teams, action shots, undated, x6
B/W, Browns players standing around, undated, x4
B/W, Posed brown team pictures, undated, x14
Negatives, team photos with blue uniforms, undated, one long row
13 Basketball part 3
Color, Fans, undated
Color, Players signing autographs, 4-6-94, x12
Color, Player with a little fan, 4-6-94
Color, Fans in the stands, 4-6-94, x2
Color, Action photos, 4-6-94, x16
Color, Action photos, undated, x25
Color, Players standing around, 4-6-94, x14
Color, Players standing around, undated, x2
Color, Northwood band, 4-6-94, x4
Color, Mixed brown team photos, 4-6-94, x5
B/W, Players signing autographs, undated, x8
B/W, Action photos, 4-89, x10
B/W, Action photos, undated, x20
B/W, Interview of a clown, 4-89, x2
B/W, Fans, undated
B/W, Players standing around, 4-89, x5
B/W, Players standing around, undated, x18
B/W, 4x6, photo of a jump shot
Negatives, B-Ball, 4-6-94, four sheets
Negatives, B-Ball, undated, eight sheets
14 Basketball 1987
B/W, 8x10, Brown action shots, March 23, 1987, x3
15 Basketball game April 1988
B/W, Clowns, April 1988, x4
B/W, Players standing around, April 1988, x2
B/W, Action shots, April 1988, x7
Negatives, Browns basketball, five sheets
16 Bath Elementary School
B/W, Three people learning SCAN, Dec. 9, 1982, x6
B/W, Group picture, Dec. 9, 1982
17 B. Booth, 3-88
B/W, Woman buying groceries, 3-88, x8
18 Below, Nancy
B/W, 4x6, Portrait of Nancy L. Below, undated
19 Best Legs Contest
Negatives, Best legs contest, undated, one sheet
20 Bihn, Casper:  Crossing a busy street
B/W, 8x10, Bihn crossing with help of policeman, 1930s, x7
Negatives, B crossing street, made January,1983, one row
21 Birthday party
Negatives, 69th birthday cocktail party at Toledo Club, 11-19-92, one sheet
22 Blindness Prevention
Color, 4x6, “Prevention of blindness:  pre-school screening”, undated
23 Board Members
B/W, board luncheon, undated
B/W, Bob Oberhouse, Dr. Marcus, 9-6-84, x2
B/W, Jack McLaughlin, 7-5-84, x 12
B/W, Jane Eley, 8-2-84, x6
B/W, James C. Hackley, 3-20-84, x8
B/W, Gerald V. Hazel, 12-12-83, x17
B/W, different sizes, Marti, McMaster, Brandt, ?,  undated, with negatives
B/W, Walter Cleve, undated
B/W, Bill Marti, undated
B/W, Dr. Daniel Marcus, undated, x9
B/W, Schoeder and Kiess, 12-7-84, x3
B/W, Margaret Wensel with guide dog, 8-2-83, x15
B/W, John R. Vaughn & Merl Thomas tour center, Jan. 1988, x6
B/W, Kathryn Franklin, 12-19-84, x7
B/W, Robert Tilton, 3-14-85, x14
B/W, Richard Heymann, Jr., 12-17-84, x6
B/W, Jill Palmer, 12-6-83, x9
B/W, 8x10, unnamed, undated
B/W, 8x10, Board Meeting, 1958
Negatives, Barry Brandt, Cathy Painter, 6-25 to 27-88, one sheet
Negatives, Board Members, undated, one sheet
24 Bowling
B/W, 8x10, men bowling, 1969, x4
B/W, Bowling clinic for blind-university lanes, 6-14-84, x7
25 Bowls of Fire
Color, various pictures of the event, x41
Negatives, Bowls of Fire, undated, 2 sheets
26 Braille
Color, hands reading Braille, undated, x8
B/W, 8x10, man helping blind man read Braille, undated
B/W, 6x8, boy reading Braille, undated
B/W, different kinds of Braille, undated
B/W, Temple Sisterhood Braille Group, 11-8-83, x10
Negatives, Jim Snyder at WXKN, new Braille embosser, 12-90, one sheet
Negatives, Braille, undated, one half sheet
27 Bridge
B/W, Blind bridge players, Jan./Feb. 1982, x11 with negatives
28 Broch, Richard
B/W, presentation of Rainbow Reading machine, July 23, x11
29 Brown, Paul
B/W, 8x10, Paul Brown with a saxophone, x5
30 Brown, Sylvia
B/W, 4x8, Receptionist, Employed, 11-2-87
31 Building
Color, pictures of outside of building including airs shots, April, 1983, x19
Color, picture of outside sign, undated, x2
Color, 4x6, 2 ladies unpacking, undated
B/W, picture of outside sign, undated, x7
B/W, renovation, 2-79, x33
B/W, remodeling, 9-87, x38
B/W, sight center, glaucoma testing, 12-16-82, x20
B/W, “Gas line hit by mule”, 3-21-85, x7
B/W, remodeling, 11-12-87, x19
B/W, “Connecting heating and air conditioner atop new lobby”, 10-28-87, x26
BW, tour of bldg by McEwen with two lions, undated, x5
B/W, pictures of outside of building, April 1983, x5
B/W, piles of snow and ice outside of building, undated, x2
B/W, 4x6, woman walking outside of building, undated
B/W, 8x10, Aubrey Fornicen and Cleo entering new blind home, 1956
B/W, 8x10, Outside of new  Bldg, 1957.
B/W, 8x10, remodeling, undated
Negatives, renovation, 9-79, two thirds sheet
Negatives, renovation, 1-79, one half sheet
Negatives, renovation, 2-79, one half sheet
Negatives, exterior of sight center, 4-83, one sheet
Negatives, Bldg., 3-89, one sheet
Negatives, outside of building, undated, one half sheet
32 Camp Hemlock
Color, camp photos, Dec., 1978, x2
Color, TSB, July , 1978, x2
Color, camp photos, July, 1978, x9 with negatives
B/W, various camp photos, undated, x50
B/W, Hemlock, undated, x35
B/W, various people identified on back, Hemlock, 6/9-13/84, x55
B/W, Hemlock, July, 1978, x48
B/W, Hemlock, square photos, July, 1978, x6
Negatives, camp pictures, 1976, x12
Negatives, Camp?, 7-25-78, two rows
Negatives, camp, undated, seven rows
Negatives, square, undated, x7
Negatives, Camp Hemlock, 7/78, 4 sheets
Slides (4), n.d.
33 Car, donated
B/W, 8x10, “Car donated by AP Parts – 1956”
34 Car Rally
B/W, Car rally 10-29-78, x50
B/W, Car rally, 3-16-85, x29
Negatives, Sports Car Rally, 10-29-78, 3 sheets
35 Car Wash, kids
B/W, two kids with a cutlass, 1981
B/W, kids washing cars, 5-27-93, x23
Negatives, sports car rally, 5-23-93, 2 sheets
36 Casebolt, E.
Negatives, May, 1981, 8 rows
37 Cavanaugh, Johnny
Negatives, J. Cavanaugh, 1980, 4 rows
B/W, Rosalyn Iles learns to use CCTV, 11-29-83, x6
39 Chess
Color, 8x10, two men playing chess
B/W, blind chess championships, Findlay, Oh., 8-19-83, x14
B/W, US blind chess tournament, Findlay, Oh., 7-27-1984, x13
40 Children’s Party
B/W, Ronald McDonald, Children’s party 1989, x4
Negatives, 1989, 4 sheets
41 Christiansen, Dawn
B/W, Dawn Christiansen receives NOW rehab award, Nov. 1990, x3
42 Christmas, 1982
B/W, Christmas card promotion, 1982, x16
43 Christmas, 1988
B/W, Santa and the Christmas party, 1988, x24 and negatives
44 Christmas, 1989
B/W, Christmas party, x4
45 Christmas, 1990
Color, Senior’s Christmas party, x3
46 Christmas, 1992
B/W, Christmas party, x4
47 Christmas, 1994
Color, faded, two ladies decorating a tree, x3
48 Christmas, Lions, 1989
B/W, Lions Christmas party 1989, x17
Negatives, Lions Christmas Party 1989,  5 sheets
49 Christmas, Lions
B/W, Lion’s Christmas party Gladieux I and II, 12-13-87, x18
B/W, Lion’s Christmas party Gladieux I and II, 12-13-84, x12
B/W, Gift bags on chairs, 12-71
B/W, 8x10, Lions Christmas party for the blind, Dec. 1986
B/W, 8x10, Lion’s Christmas party, 1961, x3
50 Christmas, Lions, part 2
Color, kid’s Christmas party with Santa, 1993, x39
Color, Christmas party, 12-8-83, x29
Color, faded, party with kids and Santa, 1994, x34
B/W, Christmas party, 12-8-83, x21
B/W, Christmas party, 12-78, x46
B/W, Christmas party, 12-9-82, x41
B/W, Christmas party, 1977, x15
Negatives, Lion’s Christmas, 1994
51 Christmas, Lions, part 3
Color, Christmas party, 1994, x55
B/W, Christmas party, 12-79, x35
B/W, Christmas party, 12-80, x20
52 Christmas, Lions, part 4
B/W, 4x6, party with Santa and Music, Dec. 1986, x3
Negatives, two sheets 1993
Negatives, one sheet 1980
Negatives, two sheets, 1979
Negatives, one sheet, 1977
Negatives, three sheets, 1978
Negatives, two sheets, 12-8-83
Negatives, one sheet, 1994
Negatives, one sheet, undated
2 1 Christmas, Lunch
B/W, Christmas luncheon for sheltered workshop employees, 12-4-84, x20
Negatives, Nancy selling Christmas Cards, one sheet
2 Christmas Party, 1988
B/W, kids’ choir and Santa, x15
B/W, two Santas with kids, 1964
3 Christmas Party, kids
Color, Christmas kids entertainment, undated, x11
B/W, Sight Ctr, Christmas party for kids, 12-11-83, x31
Color, Festival of trees, 1993, x14
B/W, Santa and kids, 1987, x7
B/W, Kids Christmas 12-12-82, x22
B/W, Kid’s Christmas Party; tykes play piano, 12-9-84, x2
B/W, 4x6, Santa and child cropped, undated
B/W, John as Santa, x4
Negatives, 12-15-85, January 1986
Negatives, of a child on Santa’s lap, 12-15-85
4 Christmas Party, Workshop
B/W, Workshop Christmas party, 12-17-82, x18
5 Circus
B/W, undated, x7
B/W, Circus, 10-78, x19
B/W, Circus, undated, x17
B/W, 8x10, Circus clown, undated
Negatives, undated
6 Circus, 1988
B/W, 1988, x20
B/W, 4x6, x3
7 Circus, 1992
Color, 1992, x10
Negatives, circus, one sheet
8 Clients
Negatives, Muriel, client, and Rasch, staff, one long sheet
9 Clinic
B/W, little girl and woman, undated, x5
Negatives, Teller Cards, St. V’s clinic, one sheet
10 Clinic, DOP
B/W, 8x10, D.O.P. clinic, Feb. 11, 1987; x5
Negatives, DOP clinic, undated, one sheet
11 Closed Circuit Television
Color, 4x6, man watching closed circuit television, undated
12 Comte Construction Co.
B/W, 8x10, John Grady and Scott Comte, Spring 1987
13 Convention
Negatives, NAVP Conf., 8-88, one sheet
Negatives, “Unidentified People,” one sheet
Negative, new negative of convention panoramic, June, 1983
14 Counseling
Color, 8x10, woman receiving counseling, undated
15 Cronin, Barry
B/W, 8x10, picture of Cronin, undated
16 Croyle
B/W, Croyle Television Pioneer, Spring, 1966
17 Day, Thomas R.
B/W, 4x6, Thomas R. Day, April, 1985
18 Descriptive Video Services
B/W, 8x10, couple watching TV, 1990
19 Diabetes Seminar, 11-1987
B/W, diabetes seminar, x14
Color, 4x6, insulin syringe
20 Diabetes Seminar, 1988
B/W, diabetes seminar, 11-10-88, x16
B/W, ibid, 4x6, x2
Negatives, Diabetic Seminar, one sheet
21 Diabetes Seminar, 1989
Negatives, Diabetic Seminar 1989, eyeglass coll., one sheet
22 Dogs
B/W, Bill Gaffrey’s dog, 1947
B/W, Bill Gaffrey with dog, 1947
B/W, man with dog at a conference, undated
B/W, black dog, undated, x5
B/W, 8x10, man with dog at a conference, undated
Color, two dogs, 1994, x2
Negatives of two dogs above plus living skills, one sheet
23 Donations
B/W, display case of gifts from Lions, undated
B/W, Miniature house donated to REHAB, Jan. 1983, x11
B/W, Bob Burks and donated flower, August, 1982, x4
B/W, New Van, 8x10, 6-92
B/W, Telephone Pioneers with donated carpeting, x6
B/W, Toledo Area Miniature Enthusiasts with doll house, 12-23-83, x3
B/W, Donated latch-hook rug, 9-23-83, x7
B/W, 8x10, display of gifts from Lions, undated
Negatives, Barb Rasik, hero check, undated, one sheet
24 Easter
B/W, Kevin Roper getting an egg from the Bunny, 4-87
B/W, Egg Hunt, 3-30-85, x27
B/W, Egg Hunt,  4-7-79, x46
B/W, Easter Bunny, 1990, x4
B/W, 4x6, Easter stuff, April 17, 1987, x4
B/W, 4x6, Chirping Easter Egg hunt, April 11, 1987, x3
B/W, 8x10, Chirping Easter Egg hunt, April 11, 1987, x2
Negatives, Easter Egg hunt, 2 sheets, undated
Negatives, Easter Egg hunt, 1 row, undated
25 Eclipse
Color, shadows of tree during solar eclipse, undated
26 Ellen, Dr.
B/W, Dr. Ellen receives the Goerlich Award, undated
27 Eyeglasses
B/W, McEwen and an older man with bags of glasses, undated
B/W, Two women fitting a pair of glasses, undated
B/W,  Joni Downing eyeglasses, undated, x7
Color, People looking at donated glasses, undated
B/W,  4x6, woman looking at donated glasses, undated
B/W,  4x6, Sorting glasses, 3-15-83, x3
Color, man in chair sorting glasses, undated, x11
B/W,  Sorting glassed, 1-1983, x6
B/W,  8x10, Eye clinic-St. Vincent’s, May 1968
B/W,  8x10, Donated spectacles going to Jamaica, March, 1987
B/W,  8x10, Glasses-eye care, 1970, x4
Negatives, Sorting glasses, one and half rows
Negatives, Eyeglass donation- staff picnic, 1989, one sheet, undated
Negatives, Lions eyeglasses kids at McQueens, one sheet, undated
Negatives, Girl Scouts and Nancy at Scan, one sheet, undated
28 Eye Screening
B/W,  Pat Knell, undated
B/W,  Ohio Vision Consultants, 9-13-82, x18
B/W,  Duplicates of Vision Screening, 1966, x11 (some of them uncut)
B/W,  doctor and a boy with bandaged hand, undated
B/W,  8x10, woman doctor and girl, undated
B/W,  8x10, Eye Screening, 1966
B/W,  ibid, 1966
29 Family Night
B/W,  Family night, 5-78, x15
B/W,  ibid, 5-1980, x10
B/W,  Shawnee Princess Family Night, 8-19-81, x9
B/W,  Family night and volunteer luncheon with negatives, 4-11-79, x22
Negatives, family night, 5-80, one sheet
Negatives, family night, 4-11-79, one sheet
Negatives, family night, 5-78, one sheet
Negatives, family night and Shawnee princess, 8-19-81, one sheet
30 Feature Story Photos
B/W, Bob Tilton, Aug.  1982, x18
B/W, Robert Oberhouse, Aug.- Sept., 1984, x14
B/W,  Ron Kull, 4-20-83, x10
31 Fingertips
B/W,  4x6, “Fingertips,” March, 1987, x2
32 Fire Station, 1987
B/W,  Kids touring a fire station, 1987, x15
Color, woman and girl at fire station “museum”, undated
33 Fourth of July Boat
Color, 4th of July celebration on a boat, 7-4-93, x36
Negatives, 7-4-93, 2 sheets
34 Fundraising
B/W,  United Appeal Agency Visit, Oct., 1965, x2
B/W,  8x10, Save Pepsi bottle caps, 1965, x7
B/W,  8x10, 20,000 tags for champion, 5-15-59
35 Girl Scouts
B/W,  Whittier School, troop 648, March 1990, x2
B/W,  8 members of troop 110, March 7th (no year, but has to be post 1983), x11
Negatives, Girl Scouts, 1987
36 Glaucoma Screening
Color, Clinic, undated, x9
B/W, woman screening man at sight center, undated, x14
B/W, Sally Beckman, Nov.  1981
B/W, woman screening man with new machine, undated
B/W, screening, 10-78, x18
B/W, screening, undated, x48
B/W, glaucoma, Oct. 1980, x8
B/W, glaucoma Screening, 4-79, x8
B/W, screening, undated, x4
B/W, Maumee Kindergarten Screening, 3-81, x16
B/W, screening, Nov., 1981, x8
B/W, man and woman being screened, undated, x3
B/W, 4x6, woman screening man with new machine, undated
Color, 4x6, man screening woman, undated
Color, 8x10, Free Glaucoma Screening, undated
Negatives, Ralph Young etc, Feb., 1982
Negatives, clinic, undated, one sheet
Negatives, screening, undated, one row
Negatives, handheld Conometer, undated, one sheet
Negatives, glaucoma Screening, 4-78 and 10-80, one sheet
Negatives, Nursing home screening Nov., 1981, one sheet
Negatives, Maumee kindergarten Screening, 3-1981, one sheet
Negatives, screening, undated, one sheet
Negatives, eye screening, 10-78, one sheet
37 Goerlich Award
B/W,  pictures of the Dominic Labino Glass Sculpture, 1994, x4
Negatives, Goerlich winners, April 1991, one sheet
38 Golf
Color, Jamie Farr, 1991
B/W,  Dr. Austin’s Golf Outing, 1990, x37
39 Handicap Awareness Meeting
B/W,  Handicapped Awareness, Oct. 6, 1982, x25
B/W,  BGSU Saturday clinic for handicapped kids, 4-9-83, x20
40 Happy Times
B/W, Tom Huckabo performs for happy times, 12-5-84, x4
Negatives, Happy times on river, undated, one sheet
41 Happy Times, 1987
Color, people enjoying happy times, 1987, x32
42 Head Start
B/W, Head start, ca. 1966, x5
B/W, 8x10, Head Start, 1966
43 Health Fair
B/W, Health Fair, 3-19-83, x9
44 High Vision
B/W, High Vision, 1989,  x7
B/W, High Vision, undated, x9
Negatives, High Vision Games, one sheet
45 Home Industries
B/W, Mrs. Hermina Zaborowski, 1964, x4
B/W, 2x2 copies of above, 1964, x2
46 H.S. Choir, 1987
Color, Choir singing, 1987, x11
47 Ice Skating, Kids
Color, Ice Skating party at the zoo, undated, x18 with negatives
48 Industries
B/W, workshop workers, may 1979
B/W, Richterman from NIB visits shop, 9-84, x9
B/W, Two men tour the workshop, 1987, x2
B/W, workshop, March/April 1984, x14
B/W, Cedric Wilson, 1956, x16
B/W, Geo. Beaudry, 1950s
B/W, 8x10, united appeal, Oct. 1964
B/W, 8x10, Mary Ruth Snyder, 1954
B/W, 8x10, workshop employees, Oct. 1964, x2
B/W, 8x10, Open House, 1960
B/W, 8x10, work and play, 1950-1960
B/W, 8x10, W. M. Gaffney and King, 1958
B/W, 8x10, C. Wilson, 1958
B/W, 8x10, workers in the workshop, 1958
B/W, 8x10, Cedric Wilson caning a chair, June 8, 1958, x2
B/W, 8x10, blind weaver, 1956
B/W, Mr. Ritchie – Toledo, 1938
B/W, 8x10, Charles Twenty, 1925 or 1930s
B/W, ibid, cropped
Negatives of above, Nov. 1983
Negatives of workers assembling electronics, undated
49 Industries:  Sheltered Workshop
Color, workshop, undated, x2
Color, workshop, Summer, 1983, x19
B/W, Workshop, 2-79, x4
B/W, Workshop, may 1982, x3
B/W, Workshop, June 1982, x12
B/W, Sheltered Workshop, 5-23-83, x13
B/W, Workshop, July 1983, x36
B/W, 4x6, Sheltered Workshop, Summer 1983, x5
Color, 4x6, Sheltered Workshop, Summer 1983, x3
Negatives, First row, Summer 1983, rest workshop, one sheet
50 Inverness
B/W, Inverness, pre party pictures, 8-95, x4, with negatives
B/W, Inverness, preparation for Inverness, Aug. 19, 1995
51 Iris Award
B/W, M. Thomas Iris Award 1992, x2
Negatives, John Heish, Iris Award, undated, one sheet
52 Jankowski, Terrance
B/W, 4x6, his eyes, 8-10-87, x2
Ibid, portrait, 8-10-87
53 Kaptur, Marcy
Color, Marcy Kaptur and Senior Citizens, undated, x5
Color, MK, 5-7-93, x18
B/W, MK, 5-7-93, x26
54 Kessler, Harry,
B/W, portrait, undated
55 Kids
Color, Miss Banks and Miss Gagel presenting to a class, Oct, 15, 1993, x4
B/W, Kids at a picnic, 1988, x3
B/W, kids at a party with mascot, undated, x6
B/W, kids watching play, undated, x5
B/W, kids, undated
B/W, Kids planting flowers, 1988-94, x11
B/W, kids and Richard Broch, undated, x18, with negatives
B/W, Groundhog day- kids, undated, x3, with negatives
B/W, Kids in Park, undated, x10
B/W, Mona Williams goes to Surgery, 11-2-83, x8
B/W, Farm Tour, 4-7-93, x12
B/W, Woman helping kids with living skills, undated, x5
B/W, vision impaired child with sibling, undated, x6
B/W, children going to camp, undated, x5
B/W, father, mother, and baby, undated, x3
B/W, girl receiving vision test, undated, x2
B/W, woman, undated
B/W, kids tour farm at Easter, undated, x23, with negatives
B/W, 8x10, woman with mirror and child, undated, x2
Color, 4x6, boy receiving vision test, undated
Color, 4x6, baby receiving vision test, undated, x4
B/W, 4x6, same baby as above looking at ball, undated
B/W, 8x10, children at a farm, undated, x6
Negatives, kids at puppet show, undated, one half sheet
Negatives, boy getting vision test, undated, one row
Negatives, Mary Ruff giving talk to kids, undated, one half sheet
Negatives, children at fire museum, undated, one sheet
Negatives, unidentified people and kids, undated, one sheet
Negatives, kids planting golden care- plus, undated, one sheet
Negatives, kids swimming, undated, one sheet
Negatives, Kids luncheon, undated
Negatives, Child Infant Stim., undated, one row
56 Kids are Special
B/W, Kids are Special, 3-81, x26
B/W, news crew, Channel 11 judging, 3-4-83, x14
B/W, “Kids are Special,” 4-6-84, x7
B/W, 4x6, channel 11, 3-81, x17
Negatives, Health Fair – “Kids are special,” 3-81, one sheet
57 Kid’s lunch, 1987
B/W, Kid’s lunch, 1987, x8
58 Kids with Animals
B/W, kids with animals, undated, x17
Negatives, Kid’s with animals, undated, one sheet
59 Large Print Texts
Color, picture of some large print texts, undated, x2
60 Levey, Alice
B/W, 8x10, Alice N. Levey, April 1987
3 1 Lininger, Frank J.
B/W, 4x6, Frank J. Lininger, undated
2 Lions
Color, Barry and Lions, undated, x2
B/W, Lions Lunch, 3-81, x10
B/W, Lion’s Meeting, 1967, x14
B/W, Lion’s pres and Barry – donation, 1990
B/W, Lion’s Club luncheon, undated, x10
B/W, Lioness club prepares family night, 8-19-84, x10
B/W, 8x10, Lions club bullock retirement, 1963, x2
B/W, 8x10, display of gifts by lions to the society, 1963, x2
Negatives, DOP clinic Petersburg Lions, one sheet
Negatives, Lions Lunch, 3-81, one sheet
Negatives, Christmas Party, 198?, two sheets
3 Lion’s Mascot
B/W, Paul Noel models mascot suit, July 11, 1984
B/W, 8x10, Paul Noel models mascot suit, July 11, 1984, x3
4 Living Skills
Color, woman helps man learn to eat, etc, 1994, x5
B/W, Bomar and Perkins orientation story, Jan. 1982, x4
B/W, Burwell living alone, 10-31-84, x18
B/W, Stough at work for Toledo Trust, 11-8-84, x8
B/W, Schlosser and Perkins at School, 3-82, x9
B/W, Pat Clay, living skills, undated, x11
B/W, Home remodeled for blind use, undated, x5
Color, 4x6, Rehabilitation Teaching, undated, x2
Color, 4x6, living skills and adults, undated, x5
Color, 4x6, girl learning how to tie shoes, undated
B/W, 4x6, SC client uses print checks, undated, x5
B/W, 4x6, Mary Kay Cosmetics class, 6-12-80
B/W, 4x6, Man learning to write, undated
B/W, 4x6, Barrier free Toledo meeting, undated
B/W, 4x6, Braille watch, undated
Color, 8x11, woman learning to apply makeup, undated
B/W, 8x10, boy learning to use cane, undated
B/W, 8x10, woman helping child count money, undated
B/W, 8x10, SC client uses print checks, undated x2
B/W, 8x10, woman helps a boy learn to ride a bike, undated
B/W, 8x10, blind woman demonstrates living by herself, undated, x6
B/W, 8x10, Martha Seaman rides a bike, undated, x2
B/W, 8x10, kids learn living skills, undated, x6
B/W, 8x10, woman being taught to tell time, undated, x3
B/W, 8x10, man teaching a diabetic woman, Rita, undated
B/W, 8x10, man and woman reading a map, undated
B/W, 8x10, woman being taught to cook, undated
B/W, 8x10, Ken Donbrosky taught to pump gas, undated
B/W, 8x10, woman writing letter, undated
B/W, 2x2, pictures of various clocks, undated, x6
Negatives, for 11x14 color prints of guide, Feb. 14, 1986, one row
5 Longe, Jim
Negatives, Jim Longe, two sheets connected
6 Low Vision
B/W, Ron Vogel Pohl with telescopic lens affixed to glasses, undated
B/W, Ron Vogel Pohl reading with low vision aids, March 7, 1985, x8
B/W, Low Vision clinic and I scan, undated, x16 with negatives
B/W, woman helping girl read with low vision aids, undated, x13
B/W, woman using telescopic lens affixed to glasses, undated
B/W, woman giving boy a vision test, undated, x4
B/W, man giving girl a vision test, undated
B/W, Vision testing machine, undated
Color, people using vision aids, undated, x7
B/W, 4x6, man reading with telescopic lens, undated
B/W, 4x8, vision contrast test system, undated, but after 1983
Negatives, people using vision aids, undated, one half sheet
Negatives, low vision, undated, low vision, 2 ½ sheets
Negatives, low calendar photos, undated, one sheet
Negatives, low vision Joanna Low, undated, one sheet
7 Low Vision Clinic, 1992
B/W, Low Vision clinic, 1992, x17
8 Mah, Prof. Sy
B/W, 8x10, prof running with others, Oct. 30, 1986
9 McEwen, Barry 
Color, BM accepting  check from Ford, June 1992, x2 with letter and envelop
Color, BM accepting check (from Ford?), undated, x2
Color, BM leaning over, 1994, x3
B/W, B. M. spikey hair,1991, x16
B/W, BM portrait speaker for 3/15, x7
B/W, BM with Modive at a meeting, undated
B/W, Barry and check, undated, x14 with negatives
B/W, BM with others, undated, x2
B/W, BM accepting check for summer camp program, Aug., 1978, photocopy
B/W, BM in 1977-78, x3
B/W, BM and Bradner, Aug. 1978, x2
B/W, BM receiving a check, undated
B/W, 8x10, BM and Ohio Bell, Spring, 1987
Negatives of above in separate envelope, 4-79?
Negatives, Barry, undated, two rows
Negatives, BM, undated, one sheet
10 Mitchell, Floyd
B/W, 8x10, FM in the federal bldg, 1965
11 Mobility
B/W, Rosemary Pfatt, 12/4/84, x11
B/W, Mobility Training, Paulette Wilson, 1973?, x3 with negatives
B/W, Johnnie Spurlock, Nov. 15, 1984, x18
B/W, Mary Reiff mobility, x15
B/W, Reiff and Leany Lady, x11
B/W, Doug Nedderman, 11-28-83, x4
B/W, Jim Pelfrey, 12-6-84, x15
B/W, Johnny Bocanegra, 12-11-84, x8
B/W, ibid, 12-17-84, x17
B/W, Volunteer Henry Nelson, 11-7-84, x11
B/W, Justin Fegel and Brant Adams, 7-29-83, x7
B/W, Harley King, Nov. 28, 1983, x25
B/W, Ken Donbroski and Collen Gallaghen, 10-29-87, x9
B/W, Mobility Lessons, 1980, x3
B/W, Ray Fessenden and Sue Peters, undated, x13
B/W, 4x6, Findlay Resident, undated
Negatives, Mobility with Ray Fessenden and Ruby Smith, Jan-Feb, 1981, one row
Negatives, woman walking on streets, undated, one sheet
12 Moskowitz, Willy
B/W, 4x6, WM farewell luncheon, Feb. 1982, x7 with negatives
13 Myers, Jodi
B/W, 8x10, JM on an exercise bike, undated
14 NAC Accreditation
B/W, NAC Accreditation, Dec. 1982, x9
15 Needlepoint Class and Electronic Aids
B/W, Needlepoint class and Electronic Aids, Aug., 1980, x10 with negatives
16 New Building, 1987
B/W, pictures of the outside of building, 1987, x51
17 Nursing Students
B/W, St. V. Nursing Students, May 1982, x2
18 O’Brien, Dave
B/W, DO blind stock broker, 8-22-84, x5
19 Open House
B/W, Open House for officeholders and Politicians, Oct. 25, 1980(?), x35
20 Painter, C.
B/W, Mr. and Mrs. Painter, 6-88, x6
21 Parent’s Class
B/W, Parent’s Class, 6-15-79, x18 with negatives and list of names
22 Phone-A-Friend
B/W, First “phone-a-friend” potluck dinner, June 14, 1984, x12
B/W, First “phone-a-friend” potluck dinner, Wagener is speaker, 6-14-84, x9
23 Piano
B/W, man playing help, undated, x2
24 Picnic
B/W, Cannon, 1980s, x3
Negatives, Zoo Picnic, 1970s (post-1970)
25 Pioneers of Am.
B/W, Pioneers of AM., 4-13-83, x5
26 Pre-School
B/W, Cherry Pre-School, 3-1981, x3
B/W, Head-Start pre-school screening, Sept. 13, 1983, x15
Negatives, Cherry Pre-School, 3-81, one sheet
27 Press Day
B/W, First ever press day at Sight Ctr., 8-16-84, x9
B/W, Press Party, June/ July 1996, one sheet
28 Progressive Club
B/W, Progressive Dinner, 6-20-1979, x17
B/W, Final meeting of Progressive club, 12-15-82, x17 with negatives
B/W, 4x8, Progressive club dance, 1930s
29 Race Night
B/W, Race Night 1993, x4
30 Radio
Color, Radio, undated, x13
B/W, Radio, undated, x33
B/W, Monroe evening news, undated
Negatives, Betty hosted radio reading of service, undated, one sheet
Negatives, Monroe Evening News inaugural, undated, one sheet
Negatives, Madge and Stereo audio receiver, undated, two rows
Negatives, Studio, 3-90, one sheet
Negatives, DuPont talk Studio, 3-90, one sheet
Negatives, studio, 3-98, one half sheet
31 Rally by the River
Negatives, Jack and Nancy Burton, July 24, 1992, one row with one color slide
32 Reagan, Ronald
B/W, John Swearengen, blind worker of the yr meets RR, 1983, x20
Negatives, 2x3, of above
33 Rehab
B/W,  Jeanne Corcaran, and Gail Sheffield, April 1982, x6
B/W, Mary Reilf, D. Rose, G. Sheffield, A. Hess, March 1982, x8
B/W, A. Northrup, M. Ruff, Crews, Carville, Sheffield, 11-9-82, x13
B/W, S. Zeadker, Sheffield, WSPD men, Nick Hazard, June, 1982, x20
B/W, D. Zieroff, K. Cooper, J. Gassman, June 1982, x12
B/W, B. Murray, R. Hanye, with beaping scale, July 1982, x3
34 Rehab Facility
B/W, Dedication Rehab Facility, 1970, x8
B/W, Bailey, with Bonnie Pounds, 7-30-84, x10
35 Retirement, Murray/Traugn, 12-88
B/W, Marray/Traugn, 12-88, x7
36 Rowing Regatta
Color, RR, 5-15-93, x67
Color, RR, undated, x19
B/W, RR, 5-19-93, x2
B/W, RR, undated, x20
Negatives, Rowing, 5-15-93, one sheet
Negatives, RR, 5-18-93, one sheet
Negatives, RR, 5-15-93, one sheet
Negatives, RR, undated, two rows
Negatives, RR, undated, one sheet
Negatives, RR, undated, three rows
Negatives, RR, undated, two rows
Negatives, Paul in Jail n Bail; RR, 1990, two rows
Negatives, Delta games, Regatta, undated, one sheet
37 Rowing Regatta, 1990
Color, RR reps give check to Board Chairman, October 1990
Negatives, RR, 1990, one sheet
Negatives, RR, undated, one sheet
Negatives, RR, undated, one sheet
Negatives, RR, undated, one sheet
Negatives, RR, undated, one sheet
38 RP Conference, Baltimore
B/W, Baltimore Conference, Nov. 1981, x9
Negatives, RP Conference, Baltimore, undated, three rows
39 Rummage Sale
B/W, three women at a rummage sale, undated
40 Sandpiper Trip, 1989-94
B/W, Sandpiper, 1989
B/W, Sandpiper, 1989-1994, x19
41 Sarah and Stacy
B/W, both standing together in front of sight ctr, undated, x3
B/W, both at play, undated, x2
B/W, Patrode twins at school, 12-4-87
B/W, 8x10, both at gym class, undated
B/W, 8x10, dad and kids on stairs, undated
B/W, 8x10, both on bikes, undated
B/W, 8x10, girls without canes at school, undated
B/W, 8x10, girls helping clean household dishes, undated
B/W, 8x10, Stacy at school, undated
B/W, 8x10, girls at recess, undated
B/W, 8x10, girls on Santa’s lap, undated
B/W, 8x10, girls skating, 1987 or 88
Color, Mayor Finkbeiner, 93Q hosts, volunteers, undated, x13
Color, SCAN Potluck, undated, x7
Color, SCAN, undated, x14
Color, SCAN control board, undated
Color, man using SCAN, undated
Color, woman using SCAN, undated
B/W,  Sight Ctr. Scan (see also scrapbooking), undated, x3
B/W, Telephone Pioneer, undated, x6
B/W, R. Huston, undated, x13
B/W, M. Levinson and P. Williams, undated x21
B/W, SCAN Madge, undated, x4
B/W, SCAN Shopneck, undated, x4
B/W, SCAN Williams, undated, x4
B/W, SCAN, 1992
B/W, Women and SCAN, undated, x2
B/W, 4x6, Sight Ctr audio network, undated, x3
B/W, First Year Anniversary, 1990, x27
Color, 8x10,  two women helping with SCAN, undated
Negatives, Gary Hoffman Scan, undated, one sheet
Negatives, SCAN, undated, 3 sheets
Negatives, SCAN 1st B-day, undated, one sheet
Negatives, Reading Service, 3-90, one sheet
Negatives,  Dave Barber SCAN, undated, one sheet
Negatives, SCAN B-Day, St. V’s clinic child, one sheet
Negatives, Don Gabenski, undated, one row
43 Scannell, Cathy 
B/W, CS, 1993
44 Scarvellis, Gus
B/W, GS and mother, 1979
45 Scavenger Hunt
Color, Holiday Scavenger hunt, undated, x4, with negatives
Color, Scavenger Hunt, undated, x12
4 1 Schermer, Judy
Negatives, JS, undated, one sheet
2 Scrapbooking
B/W, woman working on scrapbook, undated, x16
3 Seminar
Color, Seminar display, undated, x15
4 Sheltered Workshop
Color, 4x6, people working in the workshop, undated, x3
Color, 8x11, man working with a scale, undated
Negatives, undated, one row
5 Sights/sounds 
Color, sights/sounds seminar, 8-95, x45
Color, Sights/sounds, 8-95, x75
6 Skiing
Negatives, skiing, undated, four rows
7 Snyder
B/W, Kelly Snyder, 1989, x8
B/W, 8x10, Dr. Snyder, 1925, x2
Negatives, Kelly Snyder, 3-92, two sheets
Negatives, Kelly Snyder at Jamie Farr, undated, one sheet
8 Sports
Color, Sports Jamboree, July 1984, x2
B/W, 4x8, Handicapped Sports Jamboree, July 1984, x2
B/W, Camp, 1970’s, x3
B/W, Marion Long horseshoes, undated
B/W, G. Rothrock shuffleboard, undated
B/W, Hiking, undated
B/W, End of the Line, undated
Negatives, 4x6, various, x13
Negatives, kite flying, 10-78
9 Spring Festival
B/W, Spring Festival, 4-17-93, x17
Negatives, Spring Festival, 4-17-93, one sheet 
10 Staff
Color, staff, undated, x9
Color, Brooks, 1975
Color, unidentified, 1994, x2
Color, unidentified staff, undated, x17
Color, Agnes Rasik, 1975,
Color, Agnes Rasik plus Paul Noel, 1975
Color, Staff picnic, 7-29-84, x14 plus negatives
Color, Hilda Crandall, 1975
Color, Gladys Frazier, Lyle Kirk, 1975
Color, Linda Clark, executive director, undated
Color, Chakmaki, Turner, 1975
Color, Blank, 1975
B/W, Geneva Setenia, undated
B/W, Gerald Hazel, undated
B/W, Staff Christmas party, Marie, Pompie, 12-21-84 and 1-14-85, x15
B/W, Croson, 11-14-85, x20
B/W, staff Christmas party, 12-14-84, x3
B/W, David Jones as mascot, 7-5-84, x6
B/W, Garza, Duszynski, Sept. 6, 1984, x6
B/W, Pounds, Wysacky, 8-22-84, x5
B/W, two staff decorating, 1987, x2
B/W, Schneider, Baughmann, Kroeger, Feb., 1983, x14
B/W, Ellie Casebolt, undated
B/W, Dick Henry/Paul Noel, undated, x4
B/W, Gassner, Perkins, Sheffield, Carville, Sept., 1982, x20
B/W, various unidentified staff, undated, x6
B/W, Rohen, Levinson, Wagener, Maas, Swearengen, Sept., 1983, x16
B/W, Nevers, Bruno, Wagener, Porche, July 1983, x12
B/W, Pompei, Poer, Swearengen, Jan. 16, 1984, x22
B/W, Cooper, Jospe, Lloyd, Eastman, April, 1982, x7
B/W, staff picture, Sept., 1965
B/W, man with beard, undated, x2
B/W, 4x6, portrait of staff, undated
B/W, 4x8, Don Billie, 1981
B/W, 8x10, Wagner, Ratz, Brown, undated, x3
B/W, 8x10, Dorothea Mann, 1966
B/W, 8x10, unidentified Secretary(?), undated
Negatives, Staff, undated, two sheets
11 Star of Toledo
B/W, McEwen plus three women on the Star of Toledo, undated in frame
12 Stevens, Don
B/W, 4x6, portrait, undated
13 Sullivan, Sarah
B/W, SS, 1939, x2
14 Swimming
B/W, Kids swimming, 1988, x20
B/W, Morning Swim classes, March 20, 1985, x20
Color, 4x6, kids and helpers swimming, undated
B/W, 4x6, kids and helpers swimming, undated
15 Talking Book
B/W, Listening to talking books, Aug. 1934
B/W, man listening to talking books, undated, x11
B/W, woman recording articles, undated
Color, 4x6, talking books, cassette tape players, undated
B/W, 4x6, people using talking books, March, 1981, x2 with negatives
B/W, 4x6, man taping a tb record, undated
B/W, 8x10, man recording a book for tb, undated
16 TARTA and Ann-Brite Page
B/W, handicap conference & TARTA rally; Page, 4-88, x23 with negatives
B/W, 8x10, handicap conference and TARTA rally; portrait of page, 4-88, with negatives
Negatives, TARTA, one sheet
17 Teen Fair
Color, Teen Fair, 1995 or 96, x3
18 Thermoform Machine, Volunteer Alta Baucom
B/W, T. machine and Baucom, undated, x5
19 Trauger, Charles
B/W, 4x6, Charles Trauger portrait, undated, x2
20 United Way
Color, UW kickoff, 1993, x6 with negatives
B/W, Henry County UW polkathon, March 10, 1985, x8
B/W, Henry County UW rep tour the sight ctr, 4-13-84, x24
21 Uptown Friday Night
Color, Uptown Friday, 93, x43
Negatives, Uptown Friday night, 1993, one sheet
Negatives, Uptown Friday night, one sheet
22 Vac Certification
B/W, vac certification, 12-90, x7
23 Various
Color, Gold Wing Road Rides Assn., 1990
Color, people dining, undated
Color, experimental photos, June 1983, x21 with negatives
Color, men dancing, undated, x3
Color, misc., undated
Color, various smiling people, undated, x4
Color, counseling session, undated
Color, landscapes, undated, x2
Color, parking lot, undated
Color, 8x11, woman and man on phone, undated, x2
B/W, B. Monti, undated
B/W, woman getting a hug, undated
B/W, square, Teddy Bear, undated
B/W, Reyhallah, undated
B/W, Ohio Educational Broadcasting Commission, June 13, 1990
B/W, square, man’s portrait, undated
B/W, woman, undated
B/W, man’s portrait, undated
B/W, west Toledo, undated
B/W, Lewanski, Duganiero, Noel, Mitchell, UFW, March 28-1983, x11
B/W, people dancing, undated
B/W, Car outside cash &carry, Spring 1967
B/W, Local pros meet at ctr., 11-7-84, x7
B/W, people, 1980, x4
B/W, car and van on a farm, undated, x3
B/W, Michelle, Pat, Troy serving, undated
B/W, Various people, undated, x6
B/W, an easel laying against a wall, undated
B/W, 4x6, various odd photos, undated, x18
B/W, 4x6, Mr. Dunn and Garindas shaking hands, undated
B/W, 4x6, women at a smorgasbord, undated
B/W, 4x6, Doctors Kiess and Falls, undated
B/W, 8x10, blind man entering center, 1958
B/W, 8x10, blind man leaving center, 1958
B/W, 8x10, people on cruse boat, 1958
B/W, 8x10, man looking at gum ball machine, undated
Negatives, K2, undated
Negatives, woman at table, undated, one sheet
Negatives, conference, undated, two rows
Negatives, NSFRE Phil. Day, 11-89, two sheets
Slides, Bryan Belin’s 24th Bday party, undated, x3
24 Vaughn, John R.
B/W, JV’s portrait, Jan. 1988
25 Vision Screening
B/W, VS at Rossford Rec Bldg, 6-26-84, x8
B/W, Eye Testing at Zucker Center, March, 1982, x10
B/W, Pre-School sight screening at YMCA, Sept. 20, 1984, x9
B/W, Eye Testing at the Mall, undated, x10
Negatives, VS at Franklin Park Mall, 2-89, three rows
Negatives, Eye Test, undated, one sheet
26 Vision Stimulation Workshop
B/W, VSW, 11-78, x18 with negatives
B/W, Vision Stimulation at Elmhurst School, March 1982, x8
B/W, Vision Stimulation puppet show, undated, x5
27 Visual Aids 
B/W, CCTV demonstration, 3-10-83, x6
B/W, Visual Aids, Jan., 1983, x15
B/W, man using magnifier, 4-10-85, x8
B/W, Aids, undated, x16 
28 Visually Impaired Class
B/W, Visually impaired class, 4-30-79, x17 with negatives
29 Volunteers
Color, Luncheon – volunteer, undated, x4
B/W, Volunteer doing taping at home, 12-6-83, x14
B/W, Volunteer reads mail, 8-6-84, x6
B/W, three generations of volunteers, May 1982, x8
B/W, Ophthalmologists and volunteers, 1-24-85, x16
B/W, Volunteers stuff newsletter for mailing, Sept. 1987, x10
B/W, Volunteer and mascot, undated
Color, 4x5, volunteer luncheon, undated, x4
Color, 4x6, volunteers taping and selling, undated, x3
Negatives, volunteers, undated, one sheet
Negatives, Vol. Certification and award, undated, one sheet
30 Volunteer Awards
B/W, Awards Lunch, 3-17-82, x41
B/W, Volunteer Awards, 4-10-85, x53
B/W, Service Awards, May 16, 1973, x4
B/W, Volunteer Awards, 3-15-83, x32
B/W, Volunteer Awards, 4-25-84, x25
B/W, Volunteer Awards, 3-15-83, x25
B/W, Volunteer Awards Luncheon, March, 1982, with negatives
B/W, 4x6, Magic Show, 3-15-83, x11
B/W, 8x10, Magician Lee, April 8, 1987
Negatives, service awards, undated, two rows
31 Volunteer Lunch
Color, Volunteer Lunch, undated, x18
B/W, Volunteer Dinner, 4-13-93, x20 with negatives
B/W, Volunteer Lunch, 1990, x30
B/W, Volunteer lunch and awards, 1990(?), x18
B/W, Volunteer Dinner, 4-13-93 and Bball  4-14-93, x3
Negatives, Volunteer lunch, undated, one and half sheets
32 Volunteer Lunch 1988
B/W, Volunteer Luncheon, 1986-1990, x11
33 Volunteer Lunch 1989
B/W, Volunteer Lunch, 4-89, x15
Negatives, Volunteer Luncheon, one sheet
34 Volunteer Lunch 1990
B/W,  Volunteer lunch 1990, x5
Ibid, x9
Negatives, Volunteer Luncheon 90, two sheets
35 Volunteer Lunch 1991
B/W, Volunteer Luncheon 1991, x18
Negatives, Volunteer Dinner 91, two and half sheets
36 Volunteer Lunch 1992
B/W, Volunteer Light Lunch 92, x9
Negatives, Volunteer Luncheon 1992, one sheet
B/W, Scott HS WAMP-FM, May, 1982, x18
38 Warehouse
B/W, warehouse pictures, undated, x11
B/W, 4x6, warehouse, 80s
Negatives, warehouse, undated, one rectangular negative
39 Whitehouse, Ohio
B/W, 4x6, pictures of Whitehouse water tower and legion post, undated, x5
40 Will, Dr. Harry
B/W, portrait of Dr. HW, 1923-4
41 Witeres, Loretta
B/W,  4x6, LW showing a book, 1978
42 W. T. Seniors
B/W,  WT Seniors, 8-19-81, x2
Negatives, WT Seniors, 8-19-81, one row 
B/W, blind men going to the YMCA, 1939, x3
44 Zonta Club
B/W, 4x6, Zonta club/ Barry McEwen, undated
45 Zoo
Color, Zoo, 6-80, x10
Color, square, Zoo, 6-80, x5
Color, Zoo Picnic, 6-15-83, x3
Color, Zoo, 6-80, x9
B/W, Sight Screening at Zoo, 8-19-84, x15
B/W, Zoo Picnic, 6-15-83, x15
B/W, Winners in name the mascot and color it contest, 10-4-84, x4
B/W, Zoo, 6-80, x8
Negatives, Zoo Picnic, 6-80, one sheet
5 1 People
B/W, A woman, Aug. 1982, x2
B/W, Hall, Snyder, Dueat, 1980, x5
B/W, sitting man with kids, 1-79, x7
B/W, woman and a bus, May 1982, x2
B/W, Dave Barber, undated, x5
B/W, Bennett, Lee and Fuller, 3-21-84, x11
B/W, Beck, undated, x9
B/W, Boeanegra, 12-17-84, x10
B/W, Boughman, 1-83, x4
B/W, Brock, 3-27-84, x10
B/W, Casebolt, 3-17-82, x8
B/W, Dey, 50s
Color, Dillard, undated
B/W, Dr. Havenes, 4-78, x13
B/W, Dunlap, 2-84, x6
B/W, Frazier, 3-82, x4
B/W, Freedman, 6-88, x7
B/W, Grimes, July 1983, x3
B/W, Henderson, 3-7-84, x
B/W, Jones, 1982, x3
B/W, Johnson, 12-19-84, x12
B/W, Long, undated, x31
B/W, Marti, 8-30-83, x10
B/W, Meidt, Aug. 1983, x3
Color, Newton, undated, x7
B/W, Noel, 1993, x9
B/W, Payne, 1-25-84, x5
B/W, Pietrzycki, 4-1-85, x6
B/W, Place, 1-83, x15
B/W, Preble, 3-7-84, x9
B/W, Purdue, 1-83, x4
B/W, Reardon, 3-27-84, x9
B/W, Rowe, 4-15-83, x5
B/W, Schneider, 6-20-83, x
B/W, Scott High School Choir, 12-2-87, x3
B/W, Snyder, undated, x31
B/W, Swartz, 1-25-84, x15
B/W, Swearengen, Aug. 1983, x8
B/W, Turner, Aug. 1983, x5
B/W, Vogelpohl, 3-82, x3
B/W, Wagener, 5-16-83, x
B/W, Williams, 6-83, x6
B/W, Wilson, 1-83, x5
B/W, 4x6, Wilson, Summer 1983
B/W, man and woman, 1987, x8
B/W, people doing yard work, Oct. 9, 1983, x3
B/W, woman, 4-78
Color, unidentified, undated, x7
B/W, 8x10, Robert Krause, Spring 1987
B/W, two unidentified women, undated, x3
Negatives, Newton Shawn, undated, one row
Negatives, Marcy Kaptur, 5-7-93, one and a half sheets
Negatives, Ethel Seiler, 1-82, one sheet
Negatives, Unidentified people, some 1-79, two sheets
Negatives, identified people, undated, one sheet
Negatives, man getting an award, undated, one row
Negatives, Jessica, undated, one row
Negatives, Phil Leslie and Char, 6-90, one sheet
Negatives, Gwing Fru, undated, one half sheet
Subseries B.  Other Formats
8 Audio tape, oral history interview with Virginia Meyers Callahan, 1991
¾ inch tape, PSAs by Channel 24, n.d.
16 mm film, Agency film, 1969-1970
Video tape, Bob Williams, n.d.
Video tape, Channel 24 large print checks, n.d.
Video tape, Eye protection co-op, 1990
Video tape, Kids ice skating, n.d.
   Video tape, Leslie Lemke Thanksgiving for Life telethon, n.d.
Video tape, Lions—The United Nations of the Heart, n.d.
Video tape, Sight Center Designs for Vision press conference, 1995
Video tape, Sight Center, “Extraordinary People,” n.d.
Video tape, Sight Center OYR, n.d.
Video tape, Toledo Museum of Art, “Visitors with Disabilities,” n.d.
Video tape, United Way features, 1988
Series II.  Administrative Files 
6 1 Annual and director’s reports, 1949-1998
2 Annual Reports, duplicates
3 Archival Picture Inventory
4 Articles of incorporation, 1927
5 Awards, certificates, memberships, 1979-2003
6 Board Members, 1927-2000
7 Brochures, 1941-1980, n.d.
8 Camp Hemlock, n.d.
9 Camp Staff Manual 1985
Oversize Capital campaign, 1987-1999
10 Celebration Booklets, 1974-1998
11 Consultation Report, 1961 
12 Correspondence, 1981-2001
13 Early Histories, 1920s-1931
14 Focus, 1995
15 Goin’s On, 1982-1983 
16 Goin’s On, 1984  
17 Goin’s On, 1985  
18 Goin’s On, 1986  
19 Goin’s On, 1987  
20 Goin’s On, 1988  
21 Goin’s On, 1989  
22 Goin’s On, 1990-1993  
23 Goin’s On, 1994  
24 Grant Proposal, 1979 
25 Happy Times Club, 1990 
26 Histories, 1950-1984 
27 Histories, 1988-1994 
28 Hymns and holiday materials, 1963-1988 
29 Insight, 2003 
67 Insight, Fall 2005/Winter 2006
68 Insight, Spring & Fall 2007, Spring & Fall 2008, Spring 2009
70 Insight, Fall 2010, Spring & Fall 2011, Spring & Fall 2012
30 Invitations, 1974-2003 
31 Jamie Farr Classic, 1991
32 Lion’s Club, 1964-1991 
33 National Accreditation Council Reviews, 1968-1977 
34 Obituaries, 1970s-2002 
69 Opening of New Facility, 2007
35 Policy Manual, 1976 
36 Receipt book, 1939-1941
37 Short/Long Term Plans, 1987 
38 The Sight Center, miscellaneous, 1981-1986 
39 Sight Center booklets, 1957-ca. 1990s 
40 Sight Center media relations, 1996
41 Sightings, 1995-2002 
42 Staff and office information, 1967-1999
43 United Way, Community Chest, 1986-1993
44 Various magazines and newsletters, 1975-1999
45 Various Sight Center materials, 1925-1990 
46 Volunteers, 1988 
47 Workshops, n.d. 
Series III.  Newspaper clippings and scrapbooks
48 Newspaper clippings, undated
49 Newspaper clippings, 1924
50 Newspaper clippings, 1927
51 Newspaper clippings, 1931
52 Newspaper clippings, 1938
53 Newspaper clippings, 1941
54 Newspaper clippings, 1947
55 Newspaper clippings, 1950
56 Newspaper clippings, 1952
57 Newspaper clippings, 1953
58 Newspaper clippings, 1954
59 Newspaper clippings, 1956
60 Newspaper clippings, 1957
61 Newspaper clippings, 1960
62 Newspaper clippings, 1962
63 Newspaper clippings, 1964
64 Newspaper clippings, 1965
65 Newspaper clippings, 1967
66 Newspaper clippings, 1968
7 1 Newspaper clippings, 1969
2 Newspaper clippings, 1970
3 Newspaper clippings, 1971
4 Newspaper clippings, 1972
5 Newspaper clippings, 1973
6 Newspaper clippings, 1974
7 Newspaper clippings, 1975
8 Newspaper clippings, 1978
9 Newspaper clippings, 1980
10 Newspaper clippings, 1981
11 Newspaper clippings, 1982
12 Newspaper clippings, 1982
13 Newspaper clippings, 1983
14 Newspaper clippings, 1984
15 Newspaper clippings, 1984
16 Newspaper clippings, 1985
17 Newspaper clippings, 1985
18 Newspaper clippings, 1986
19 Newspaper clippings, 1986
20 Newspaper clippings, 1986
21 Newspaper clippings, 1986
22 Newspaper clippings, 1987
23 Newspaper clippings, 1987
24 Newspaper clippings, 1987
25 Newspaper clippings, 1987
26 Newspaper clippings, 1990
27 Newspaper clippings, 1991
28 Newspaper clippings, 1992
29 Newspaper clippings, 1993
30 Newspaper clippings, 1994
31 Newspaper clippings, 1995
32 Newspaper clippings, 1996
33 Newspaper clippings, 1997
34 Newspaper clippings, 1998
35 Newspaper clippings, 1999
36 Newspaper clippings, 2000
37 Newspaper clippings, 2001
38 Newspaper clippings, 2002
39 Newspaper clippings, 2003
40 Newspaper clippings, 2004
42 Cleveland Society for the Blind, photographic history, 1989
43 Guest book, 1986
44 Photograph album, 1955-1993
9 Scrapbooks
   Vol. 1, 1924-1939
   Vol. 2, 1941-1954
10 Scrapbooks 
   Vol. 3, 1955-1957 
   Vol. 4, 1958-1959
11 Scrapbooks
    Vol. 5, 1960-1963
    Vol. 6, 1964-1964
12 Scrapbooks      
    Vol. 7, 1966-1967
    Vol. 8, 1968
    Vol. 9, 1971-1976
13 Scrapbooks
   Vol. 10, 1977-1979
   Vol. 11, 1980-1981
14 Scrapbooks
   Vol. 12, 1982
   Vol. 13, 1983
15 Scrapbooks
   Vol. 14, 1984
   Vol. 15, 1985-1986
16 Scrapbooks
   Vol. 16, 1987-1989
   Vol. 17, 1990-1991
17 Scrapbooks
   Vol. 18, 1992
   Vol. 19, 1993
   Vol. 20, 19994
18 Scrapbooks
   Vol. 21, 1995
   Vol. 22, 1996-1997
   Vol. 23, 1998
19 Newspaper clippings index, A-C
20 Newspaper clippings index, D-H
21 Newspaper clippings index, I-N
22 Newspaper clippings index, O-S
23 Newspaper clippings index, T-Z