University Libraries

Suhasini Kumar, MA, MLS  

Coordinator of Information and Research Services
Government Documents Librarian 
Professor, Library Administration


  • M.A.,   Master of Arts in English, Madurai University, 1969.
  • M.L.S., Master of Library Science, Kent State University, 1996.  


Suhasini Kumar presently serves as Coordinator of Information and Research Services at the Carlson Library. She was hired as visiting instructor in 1997 and appointed head of the Government Documents department, this being her primary responsibility, she continues to manage the operations of this area also. Apart from coordinating the activities of the Carlson Library’s Information and Research Services division, to ensure that patron’s information needs are met, she also provides reference and instruction services and acts as liaison to the English and Theatre departments.  

Selected Publications & Presentations 

  • Kumar, Suhasini L., Editor.  “The Changing Face of Government Information: Providing Access in the Twenty-first Century.” Haworth Press, NY, 2006.
  • Kumar, Suhasini L., Providing Perpetual Access to Government information, The Reference Librarian  No. 94, 2006, pp.225-232
  • Kumar, Suhasini L., Peace and Conflict Studies,  Magazines for Libraries,15th Edition , pp.781-785, New Providence, NJ, Bowker, 2007.
  • Kumar, Suhasini,L. Guest Editor The Reference Librarian , Vol. 45: 94, 2006.
  • Kumar, Suhasini L. Entries under Poynting, John Henry, Cayley, Arthur, Hough, George, Washington, Vanden Hove Maarten in Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomy, Springer Publications, 2007.
  • Kumar, Suhasini L., Mark Horan, John Napp “Enhancing Library Instruction:  Creating and Managing Online Interactive Library Tutorials for a Wired Generation”.  Our New Public, A Changing Clientele Bewildering Issues or New Challenges for Managing Libraries, Chapter 7, Libraries Unlimited Library Management Collection, (due to be published in Nov. 2007).
  • Kumar, Suhasini L., “War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity.”  Review for Bowker’s Magazines for Libraries Update , November 2005, 1st ed.
  • Kumar, Suhasini L. and Raghini S. Suresh,  “Scientific and Technical Government Information Instruction” pp.195-205, Government Publications Unmasked:  Teaching Government Sources in the 21st  Century, Library Instruction Publications, Pittsburg, PA., 2003.
  • Kumar Suhasini  L.  "Designing Government Information Training Programs for Reference Librarians:  Creating Subject Specific Modules" paper presented at the 11th  Federal Depository Library Conference and Council Meeting,  Washington D.C. October, 2002.
  • Kumar, Suhasini L. and Raghini S. Suresh,  “Strategies for Providing Effective Reference Services to the International Adult Learner”, Reference Librarian   Vol.69/70 pp.327-336, 2000.
  • Kumar, Suhasini L. "Understanding the Specialized Information Needs of International Students" Co-presented a paper at the ALAO Silver Jubilee Celebrations in Columbus, OH, November, 1999.
  • Kumar, Suhasini L.  “Chemistry Megasites, Government Resources and Search Engines -Tools and Tips for Finding Chemistry Information on the WWW” paper co-presented at  the 30th American Chemical Society Central Regional Meeting (American Chemical Society is a National Association and the paper was competitively selected.) Cleveland, OH, May, 1998.
  • Kumar, Suhasini L. Chapter on “Peace” published in Magazines for Libraries 9th Edition, 1997.
  • Kumar, Suhasini L. “Content Analysis of Journal Literature in Library and Information Science from June 1994-June 1995”. ERIC , ED401937, 1997. 

Selected University, Professional and College Service 

  • Senate, University Affairs committee, 2005-
  • Senate, Committee on Faculty Affairs, 2002-3.
  • University‘s Criterion #3 Committee, North Central Association of Colleges and School’s Commission on Higher Education, 2000-1.
  • Co-Chair and Editor, APALA (ALA Affiliate) Newsletter and Publications committee, 2006-2008.
  • Secretary, Executive Board, APALA, 2007- 8.
  • Discussion Group Steering committee, Instruction Section, Association of College and Research Libraries, 2005-6.
  • Instruction to Diverse Populations Committee, Instruction Division, ACRL, 2001-3.
  • Joint Conference of Librarians of Color, conference project committee, 2006-7.
  • Consultant for Magazines for Libraries, published by Bowker and Reed.
  • Peer reviewer for Elsevier, 2006-.
  • Member of committee that creates and maintains the Browse Topics site on the United States Government Printing Office’s Official Web page, GPO ACCESS.
  • Search Committee Visiting digital initiative archivist, 2007.
  • Search Committee Visiting Instructor Information Literacy, 2007.
  • College Personnel Committee, 2006-
  • Department Personnel committee, 2003-6.
  • Library Merger committee, 2006.
  • Chair, Government Documents/Maps Project Committee.
  • Chair, search committee for Information Literacy Librarian, 2004.
  • Cataloging Coordinator search committee 2004-5
  • Chair, Online Interactive Tutorial Committee, 2004-5.
  • Assessment Committee, 2004-05.
  • Library University Author’s Exhibit committee, 1997-
  • Chair Faculty Affairs Committee, 2003-4.
  • Information Literacy Sub-committee, 2002-3.
  • Continuing Education Committee, 2002-3.
  • Library Art Committee, 2002-3.
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