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506/07 Mulford Library

Mon-Thurs: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Michelle Arbogast: Interim Director
Phone: 419-383-6118
Jessica Faber: Coordinator
Phone: 419-383-4274

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Interested in being a Tutor next year?  Contact Jessica at 419-383-4274

Tutoring Services Offered

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The Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) offers a variety of services to help you reach your academic potential. 
Call the AEC to schedule an appointment.  419-383-6118.

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Academic Coaching

Academic coaching prepares students with the tools necessary to accomplish their academic goals based on their learning style.  Some of the services provided are:

  • Assistance with the adjustment to graduate and professional level coursework
  • Memory techniques
  • Test taking strategies
  • Study organizers
  • Note taking techniques
  • Time management skills
  • Test anxiety coping tips

Call 419-383-6118 or 419-383-4274 to make an appointment.

Individual Tutoring

Student and tutor are scheduled to meet at a specific date and time to cover specific topics from one or more of the student's courses. The student should come prepared with questions and is expected to have studied the material on their own in advance. This service is available for select courses and depends on tutor availability. Tutoring does not take the place of classroom instruction. 

Online Review Sessions


Weekly, course specific, review sessions for the Pharmacy and Nursing programs, which are held in the evenings in a 60-minute synchronous web conferencing session through Blackboard Collaborate. Students are encouraged to participate by engaging in the session through live chat. Each review session is recorded and posted in Blackboard for future reference.

 Group Review Sessions

Peer review programs are linked to specific courses.  Students pre-register for weekly review sessions with the online scheduling system TutorTrac.

 Exam Review sessions are also conducted by Peer Tutors.  No pre-registration is necessary.  Check your email for notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently can I meet with a tutor?
  • Group Review and Individual tutoring sessions are scheduled once a week for a 1-2 hour session.
  • Exam Review sessions are offered for all students, no pre-registration is necessary.


Who does the tutoring?
  • Peer Tutors are University of Toledo Health Science Campus graduate and professional students who have demonstrated proficiency in the subjects that they tutor.  All tutors are trained.
  • Professional tutors are AEC full-time staff.
Who can use this service?
  • Any registered graduate or professional student, regardless of his or her academic standing at University of Toledo Health Science Campus.


How much does it cost?
  • ALL AEC services are offered at no additional charge to all students registered at The University of Toledo Health Science Campus.


Where are sessions held?
  • All tutoring sessions are held on UTHSC—specifically in the Mulford Library (come to the AEC to meet your tutor). *SI sessions for Anatomy are the only exception (those are held in the Anatomy Lab).


When are sessions held?
  •  Anytime outside your regularly scheduled class time, (including evenings and weekends), depending on tutor availability.

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Last Updated: 9/9/16