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Center Programs 

The programs of the Cancer Center are organized around a central theme of exploring the nature of cellular homeostasis and its response to external signals. This exploration is expected to uncover new drug targets and is, therefore, appropriately interfaced with a broad base of expertise in cancer chemoprevention, drug delivery and tumor targeting.

The four programs of the Center are:
  • Cell Signaling
  • Gene Expression and Regulation
  • Cell Biology and Pathogenesis, and
  • Chemoprevention and Therapy
The principal investigators (PI's) for each program are listed below. Overlap among the memberships of the various programs demonstrates the strongly interactive and multi-faceted nature of the center's unified approach to research on cancer. Further information about the individual investigators and their research may be obtained through links to their individual pages which contain descriptions of their research.

Signal Transduction
William Maltese, PhD
Sonia Najjar, PhD
Zhixing Pan, PhD
Jian Xie, PhD
Kam Yeung, PhD

Gene Expression and Regulation
James Willey, MD, PhD, Program Director
Manohar Ratnam, PhD
Edwin Sanchéz, PhD
Cynthia Smas, DSc

Cell Biology and Pathogenesis
Kandace Williams, PhD, Program Director
Ivana de la Serna, PhD
William Maltese, PhD
Sonia Najjar, PhD
Zhixing Pan, PhD
Stephan Patrick, PhD
Cynthia Smas, DSc
Kam Yeung, PhD

Chemoprevention and Therapy
James Trempe, PhD, Program Director
Keith Crist, PhD
Jersey Jankun, PhD
Maurice Manning, PhD
Manohar Ratnam, PhD
Last Updated: 3/22/15