Program in Bioinformatics & Proteomics/Genomics



Students enrolled in the Bioinformatics and Biomarkers Certificate Program must take four courses covering the following subject areas. Upon completion of the Program, students will be prepared to utilize BPG research techniques and be able to interact with specialists in each BPG subdiscipline.

The curriculum consists of four, 3-credit courses (listed below). If you are in a doctoral program, the second (higher) course number is the one for which you should register.

Course No.
Fall Year 1
  Course Title, Description & Credits
BIPG5100/7100   Fundamentals of Bioinformatics and Proteomics/Genomics, 3 cr
Introduction to scope of bioinformatics, proteomics and genomics

BIPG5200/7200   Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics, 3 cr
Training in statistical methods used in BPG

Spring Year 1
  Introduction to Bioinformatic Computation, 3 cr
Handling and manipulation of databases and introduction to computer programming skill
needed to manipulate large quantities of nucleic acid and protein sequence data.

EITHER:  BIPG6400/8400


Application of Bioinformatics and Proteomics/Genomics, 3 cr
Faculty members using these methodologies will discuss and demonstrate how these techniques are utilized to solve research problems.

OR: BRIM6200/8200


Biomarker Discovery, Validation & Implementation, 3cr
Faculty provide an overview of biomedical discovery and validation techniques
followed by application in selected aspects of individualized medicine.

*BMSP6340 Current Problems & Research Approaches in Genes and Genomes, or equivalent course approved by the BPG Program, is required for admission into the BPG Certificate Program.


Last Updated: 2/10/16