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Health Science Campus
Health Education Building & Center for Creative Education Building

BPG Computer Classroom: HEB 1st Floor, Room #127
Genomic Core Lab: HEB 2nd Floor, Room #200

BPG Office: CCE 3rd Floor, Lobby
Phone: 419.383.6883
Fax: 419.383.3251

MSBS Curriculum

Fall 1   12.5cr
BMSP6340  Genes & Genomes 2.5cr/8wk
BIPG5200  Statistical Methods in BPG 3cr/8wk
BIPG5100  Fundamentals in BPG 3cr/16wk
BMSP6400  BPG Intro to Methods in Biomedical Science 1cr/8wk (Special section for BPG students)
INDI6020  On Being A Scientist 1cr/12wk
BMSP6390** Mentored Res.2cr/8wk (2x4 wk lab rotations)

** Intro to Biomedical Research (Rotations in BPG, 0cr/12wk) is not a formal course for BRIM/BPG students. All faculty members with openings in their labs present a summary of their research, so students can decide which they want to consider as thesis advisors. This is how rotation mentors are chosen by incoming students. You do not register, but are expected to attend.

Spring 1  13cr
BIPG6100 Bioinformatic Computation 3cr/16wk
      EITHER: BIPG6400 Applications of BPG 3cr/16wk
            OR: BRIM6200 Biomarker Discovery Validation & Implementation 3cr/16wk
BMSP6350 Cell Biology & Signaling 3cr/16wk
Elective 1 3cr
BIPG6990 Thesis in Bioinformatics 1cr/16wk *


Summer 1   9cr
BIPG5400 Bioinformatic Databases  1cr/4wk
BIPG5500 Microarray Analysis 1cr/4wk
BIPG6990 Thesis is Bioinformatics 7cr/16wk *

Fall 2   12 cr
Elective 2 3cr
BIPG5300 Current Topics in BPG (Journal Club) 1cr
BIPG6990 Thesis in Bioinformatics 8cr/16wk *

*For BIPG6990 Thesis in Bioinformatics: Register for your mentor’s section.

Didactic (non-elective) (blue) cr = 20.5
Research (green) cr = 18
Electives (purple) cr = 6
S/U/E (yellow) cr = 3

TOTAL: 46.5 cr


Last Updated: 1/13/16