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Description: snoTARGET finds targets for snoRNA guiding molecules within the entire set of mammalian exons and introns, and calculates the distance from the target to the nearest splicing junctions, as well as the stringency of this RNA-RNA interaction.

Availability: The web interface for snoTARGET can be found HERE. Alternatively, the snoTARGET application can be downloaded below.

Supplementary Files:

Sequences of 15q11-q13 C/D snoRNAs: HBII-52 HBII-85 HBII-13 436-438

Sequences of C/D snoRNAs from chromosome 14: 14qI,II

Programs: snoTARGET program

Targets for snoRNAs: README Targets for ASE1 14qI Targets for ASE2 14qI  Targets for ASE2 14qII Targets for ASE1 HBII85 Targets for ASE HBII 13 438


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Last Updated: 2/10/16