Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Research (CeDER)



The Administrative Core consists of the Interim Director, Dr. Juan Jaume, Chief of Endocrinology, and the Vice-director, Dr. Edwin Sanchez. It serves as the management task force to establish and implement research and educational objectives in line with overall departmental and institutional policies, identify funding resources to support training and expand core facilities, administer the budget, recruit faculty, identify new members, and oversee the organization of program enrichment activities.

The Administrative Core consults with an external Advisory Committee, consisting of local businessmen from the community, including Mrs. Hiss, the widow of Dr. Hiss who established a fund for diabetes research at UT. The advisory committee provides comments and open discussions about financing issues and philanthropic directions.

The Steering Committee, comprised of members of the scientific team including students and trainees, functions as a liaison between the Administrative Core and the Scientific Team. The steering committee, headed by Dr. Jennifer Hill and Dr. Nikolai Modyanov, convenes regular meetings to implement enrichment programs and quality controls, address concerns and propose new directions to strengthen the research base.

The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for scheduling and organizing administrative, research and training activities related to CeDER, and monitoring the center's budget including, operating budget, research accounts, start-up funds, equipment funds, and discretionary accounts. 

Last Updated: 8/9/17