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Current Residents 2017-2018

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PGY 4:
Jerry Mathew, MD
Alyse Stolting, MD
Rusheeth Thummalapally, MD

PGY 3:
Dionis Kononov, DO (Chief Resident)
Meghana Medavaram, MD
Shazia Naqvi, MD
Iminder Saran, MD

Phuong Cao, MD
Bhupinder Kaur, MD
Andrew Kreger, DO (Chief-elect)

Bradley Brown, MD
Michael Lindley, MD
Ali Pervez, DO
Bushra Rizwan, MD

 Former Residents' Comments  

I cannot say enough about my experience in the residency program.   I am confident that I am equipped  with a knowledge base to pursue whatever career path I choose.  The support of the faculty and my fellow residents has been tremendous, and I am grateful to have so many happy memories from these years.  Talking about my experiences with residents from other programs has led me to realize how thorough my education has been, and how fortunate the residents at this program are to have such open access to faculty with such varied interests and approaches to treating patients.  I actually am sad to have to move on.  Choosing this program was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Jamie Migliori, M.D. - 2013

The quality of the training was exceptional. If I had to do it again, I would still choose the UT Psychiatry Residency Program.

Puneet Singla, M.D. - 2012

I am very grateful for the excellent training experience I have received at the University of Toledo. After completing my training, I find myself confident that I can handle just about any clinical situation in psychiatry. The teaching here is top notch, supervisors and faculty members fosters a positive learning environment and my fellow residents are genuinely great friends. Small size of our program enables a constant flexibility in our curriculum and avoids the coldness of many large residency programs.

Sajjad Sarwar, M.D. - 2011

Faculty, staff and residents in this program are all very understanding and thoughtful.  This was especially apparent when things became stressful after the birth of our baby when people pitched in to make returning to work go very smoothly.               

Ryan Travis, M.D. - 2008

As a UT residency alumnus, I passed my written and oral psychiatry boards on the first try.  I have served professionally as an inpatient attending, community mental health and private outpatient physician, expert witness and ECT provider, and I am about to start my own private practice.  I have at no time felt my training left me unprepared for my career choices and further training, and the people in UT Psychiatry have not once failed to show me support and friendship all along the way. 

Barb Cuddeback, M.D. - 2006 

The program takes pride in and is adept at developing competent and empathic psychiatrists.
Stephen Cox, M.D. - 2004
Wauseon, Ohio
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