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This section is staffed 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, Off hours are covered by an on-call team for emergencies. Angiography (Cardiovascular Lab) is located on the first floor of the Hospital.

This modality is a way to study the vasculature or circulatory system of the human body. This technique uses catheters (long hollow flexible tubes) guided into a vessel, injecting contrast media, and taking images, utilizing x-rays.

Some of the reasons for having an angiogram are to see if a blood vessel is blocked, to visualize a blood vessel rich tumor, to locate where a blood vessel may be bleeding, among others. Not only does this section image to diagnose problems, but therapeutic procedures such as angioplasty (balloon opening of partally blocked vessels) and stent (coil) placements occur here as well.

This department also performs embilization for bleeding, chemofusion for cancer patients, nephrostomy for urinary obstruction, and diagnostic and therapeutic biliary intervention.

To schedule an appointment....please call (419) 383-3936.
Last Updated: 6/9/16