Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Faculty and Research

Faculty members who may serve as major advisors or members of student advisory committees:

Robert Blumenthal

Bioinformatics of gene expression and control in bacterial pathogens 
Genetics of multidrug resistant Staphlococcus aureus (MRSA)
Role of restriction-modification systems in controlling gene exchange 

Viviana Ferreira
Role of complement regulatory proteins in disease

Jason F. Huntley

Role of bacterial membrane proteins as virulence factors 
Immune responses to intracellular infections
Vaccine development

Isabel Novella

Adaptability and robustness, properties and viral vaccine implications 
Viruses and cancer
Evolution of positive strand (Dengue) and negative strand (VSV) RNA viruses

Kevin Pan

Innate immune control of adaptive responses in allergic diseases
Synergistic regulation of inflammation
Microbial biofilms and periodontitis

Michael Rees

Transplantation biology and immunology

Dorothea Sawicki

Replication of RNA viruses (alphaviruses and coronaviruses)
Virus-host cell interactions in alphavirus infections.

Stanislaw Stepkowski

Mechanisms of tolerance and transplantation rejection
Design of novel immunosuppressive drugs

Akira Takashima

Differentiation of skin Langerhan and dendritic cells
Live cell imaging

R. Travis Taylor

M. Julie Westerink

Pathogenesis of group A streptococci
Vaccine responses in young and aged populations

R. Mark Wooten

Borrelia (Lyme disease) immunobiology
Role of IL-10 in control of microbial pathogenesis and disease

Mechanisms of immune evasion by pathogenic Burkholderia species
Novel approaches to bone regeneration: mesenchymal cells & macrophages

Randall Worth

Mechanism of antibody based clearance of microbes by macrophages
Role of Fc receptors and platelets in autoimmune diseases and thrombosis

Faculty members who may serve as advisory committee members for Ph.D. students or primary advisors for Master's Students:

Bashar Kahaleh: Antioxidant stress and fibrosis
Deepa Mukundan: Pediatric infectious diseases
Anthony QuinnImmunity of chronic diseases
Hermann Von Grafenstein: Novel drug design

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