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The combined IIT-Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology Seminar program is held on alternate Wednesday, from 12 noon until 1:00 p.m. in room 227 Health Education Building.  Graduate students also enroll in the Current Topics in IIT course whose meetings alternate with these seminars.  Students discuss a current paper on each speaker’s research work the week before the seminar, and join the invited speaker for luncheon, immediately following each seminar. 

PLEASE NOTE: Seminar & speaker-luncheon attendance is required of all IIT graduate students. 

IIT-Department of MMI Seminar Schedule Fall/Winter 2010-2011 

Please mail seminar speaker suggestions (including name, institution, area of research and contact information) to Dr. Stanislaw Stepkowski (E-mail: 


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Please mail questions, comments, and suggestions to Dr. Kevin Pan at

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