College of Medicine, Accreditation Self-study M.D. degree program 2011-2013

Section 3: Medical Students (MS) Standards

Issues include admission requirements, selection process, visiting and transfer students, academic and career counseling, financial aid, health services and personal counseling, learning environment, promotion policies

Medical Students

Issues addressed include program objectives, oversight for clinical education, calendar, required content, cultural competence, ethics/professionalism, preparation of residents, evaluation of learning, curriculum management, instructional sites, and standards for promotion.

MS Standards

Premedical Requirements – Standards MS-1 and MS-2
Selection – Standards MS-3 through MS-11
Visiting and Transfer Students – Standards MS-12 through MS-17

Medical Student Services:
Academic and Career Counseling – Standards MS-18 through MS-22
Financial Aid Counseling and Resources – Standards MS-23 through MS-25
Health Services and Personal Counseling – Standards MS-26 through MS-30

The Learning Environment:
            Standards MS-31 through MS-37

med student standards
James Kleshinski, M.D. – Chair
Imran Ali, M.D.
Cathi Badik, M.D.
Steven Farrell, M.D.
Linda French, M.D. 
James Kleshinski, M.D.
 Patricia Metting, Ph.D.
Yvette Perry, Ph.D.
Christine Reichert
 Howard Rosenberg, Ph.D.
 Cynthia Smas, Ph.D.
Jodi Tinkel, M.D. 
James Trempe, Ph.D. 
 Marlene Welch, M.D.
Malory Williams, M.D. 
 Randall Worth, Ph.D.
Tony Brewer, MS2
Audrey Roberts, MS4
Lisa Voigt, MS1
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