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Lawrence J. Burns

Lawrence J. Burns
Vice President for External Affairs

It is essential to proactively create your own personal brand consistent with who you are and how you want to be perceived. A brand is essentially a promise and a thoughtful personal brand honed through professional preparedness, style of communication, choice of attire, and other characteristics, advertises to others a consistent representation of who you are professionally. An experienced public relations leader, Lawrence J. Burns also advocates proactive planning for crisis communications to ensure a calm and steady presence when faced with adversity.

Expertise: Branding and crisis communications

"The real reason we won is we had a strategic social media campaign, and our fan base got fired up to compete with much bigger schools. I think that says a lot about the spirit of Rocket Nation. We may not be as well known as Michigan or Ohio State, but give us a chance to compete with them in something like this, or on the field, and we will do very well." Branding
"What we'll end up with is a strategy for how northwest Ohio and our region can brand ourselves to people to come and visit," said Larry Burns, UT's vice president for external affairs.

The brand, more than just a single campaign or slogan, will allow the region to promote itself to others so they can "see Toledo the way we want them to see it," he said.

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Last Updated: 3/23/15