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Department of Biological Sciences Awards - Spring 2012

Outstanding Student (Dean’s Medalist):                    Amanda Kitson*

*Amanda also won the Outstanding Arts and Sciences Undergraduate award for 2011. Congratulations!

High Academic Achievement (High GPA):               Amanda Kitson

Undergraduate Research Symposium:

1st Place -                                                             Andrew Stein

2nd Place –                                                             Amanda Kitson

Honorable Mention –                                              Lindsey Foster

Outstanding Undergraduate TA                               Dan Hettel

Outstanding Peer Mentor                                         Sydni Coleman

C.V. Wolfe Scholarship                                            Abigail Wagner

Fred O. Hartman Scholarship                                   Matthew S. Fischer


  • Department of Biological Sciences Awards - Spring 2011

    • Outstanding Student (Dean’s Medalist):                    Maureen Gibbs*
      • Outstanding Arts and Sciences Undergraduate award for 2011.
    • High Academic Achievement (High GPA):               Adam Rockacy
    •  Undergraduate Research Symposium:
      • 1st Place -                                                      Alan Hammer
      • 2nd Place –                                                    Robert Rominski
      • Honorable Mention –                                     Robert Fischbach
    • Outstanding Undergraduate TA                                 Michelle Burns
    • Outstanding Peer Mentor                                          Kaya Smith
    • C.V. Wolfe Scholarship                                              Amanda Kitson
    • Fred O. Hartman Scholarship                                     Not awarded this year


  • Department of Biological Sciences Awards - Spring 2010
    • Outstanding Student (Dean’s Medalist): Julie Sizemore
    • High Academic Achievement (High GPA): Julie Sizemore
    • Undergraduate Research Symposium:
      • 1st Place: Jennifer Jay
      • 2nd Place: Hallie Baucher
      • Honorable Mention: Ashley Adams
    • Outstanding Engagement with University and Community: Kevin Swiatek
    • Outstanding Undergraduate TA: Saja Khuder
    • Outstanding Peer Mentor: Katie Halter
    • C.V. Wolfe Scholarship: Adam Rockacy                                              
    • Fred O. Hartman Scholarship: Raquel Prosen


  • Department of Biological Sciences Awards - Spring 2009

    • Outstanding Student (Dean’s Medalist): Amanda Stewart
    • High Academic Achievement (High GPA): Vieh Kung
    • Undergraduate Research Symposium
      • 1st Place: Alison Fedyna
      • 2nd Place: Samuel Adams
      • Honorable Mention: Michele Phillips
    • Outstanding Undergraduate TA (Spring 2009): Samuel Adams
    • Outstanding Peer Mentor (Fall 2008): Alison Fedyna
    • C.V. Wolfe Scholarship: Kevin Swiatek
    • Fred O. Hartman Scholarship: Shannon Desmond


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