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Faculty Member Area of Research
Avidor-ReissTomer  Centriole & Cilia in Fertility and Development 
BamberBruce Molecular Neuroscience
ChadeeDeborah Cell Biology/ Signal Transduction
ChenQian  Actin cytoskeleton and cell division
ContiHeather Fungal Immunity
Crawley, Scott Cytoskeleton; Cell Biology; Biochemistry
DiakonovaMaria Signal transduction and actin-dependent cellular functions
DongFan Hematopoiesis and Hematopoietic Malignancies 
Du, Jianyang Neuroscience, Ion Channels
Garcia-MataRafael  Cell Biology/ Cytoskeleton
GrayJohn Plant Molecular Biology
KomunieckiRichard  Biochem/ Molecular Biology of Parasites
KrishnamurthyMalathi  Anti-Viral Innate Immunity & Inflammation
LeisnerScott Cell/ Molecular Biology/ Virology
LiuGuofa Axon Guidance, Neuronal Migration, and Signal Transduction
LiuSong-Tao  Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
QuinnAnthony Autoimmune Disease/ T Cell Regulation
ShemshediniLirim  Cell/ Molecular Biology/ Transcription Regulation
TaylorWilliam  Cell Cycle and Tumor Biology
VestalDeborah Molecular Cell Biology of Cytokines

Faculty with Administrative Appointments

AshburnerBrian  Cell/ Molecular Biology
KomunieckiPatricia  Developmental Regulation in Parasitic Helminths
PlenefischJohn Developmental Genetics/ Cell Interactions



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