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UT Biological Sciences - External Grants


Grants – 2006

  • NIH R01 Grant - (RO1 AI068133-07) - Leaman PI, “Characterization of the interferon regulated proteins XAF1 and ZNF313.”  2006-2011.
  • AHA Grant in aid – (#0655387B) – Leaman PI – “ISG12 in cardiovascular disease.”  2006 to 2008.
  • NIH R01 Grant (R01 AI432652) – Komuniecki, R PI (Komuniecki P co-PI) – “Regulation of pharygeal pumping in parasitic nematodes.”  2006-2010.


Grants – 2007

  • Ohio Cancer Research Associates – Dong PI, “Gfi-1 in the regulation of p21 Cip” 2007-2009.
  • NIH R15 Grant – (R15    ) – Ashburner PI, “Regulation of NF-kappaB transactivation function”. 2007-2010.
  • NIH R15 – (R15  ) – Quinn PI, “The role of T cell repertoire selection in the NOD mouse model of MG-induced EAE”.  2007-2009.
  • NSF Plant Genome Research Program (PGRP), Grotewold, Gray, Dauluri co-PI. “TRPGR--The Grass Regulome Initiative: Integrating control of gene expression and agronomic traits across the grasses.” 2007-2010. 
  • Ohio Plant Biotechnology Consortium, Gray, Grotewold co-PI. “Identification of carbohydrate and phenolic metabolism regulatory genes in corn.”  2007-2008.
  • USDA, Leisner PI. “Examination of factors influencing virus disease in floriculture crops.” 2007-2008.


Grants – 2008

  • NIH R15 Grant – (R15  CA135378) – Diakonova PI, “Role of JAK2-Pak1 interaction in human breast cancer”. 2008-2011.
  • NIH R15 Grant – (R15  GM084410 ) – Taylor PI, “Regulation of Borealin function by mitotic phosphorylation”. 2008-2011.
  • NSF MRI – Ashburner PI, (Chadee, Leaman, Shemshedini co-PI), “Acquisition of core molecular imaging anf fluorescence/luminescence detection equipment for teaching and research in cell signaling and gene expression”.  2008.
  • NIH R01 (R01 AI072644) – Komuniecki, R PI (Bamber, Komuniecki, P co-PI), “Locomotion in parasitic nematodes”. 2008-2012.
  • NIH R15 Grant - (R15  HL091511 ) – Dong PI, “Gfi-1 in the regulation of p21 Cip” 2008-2010.
  • Ohio Cancer Research Associates – Liu, S PI – “Regulation of the mitotic checkpoint by hMPS1”.  2008-2010.
  • NIH R21 Grant (R21 CA132016-01A1) – Vestal PI – “Evaluation of hGBP-1 as a marker for paclitaxel resistance in ovarian cancer” 2008-2010
  • NIH R15 Grant (R15  NS062406 ) Steven PI - “UNC-73/Trio Signaling In Axon Guidance and Neurotransmission”.  2008 - 2011.
  • NIH R15 Grant (R15 CA132006) – Chadee PI – “Regulation of Mixed Lineage Kinase 3 by the tumor suppressor protein Merlin”.  2008-2011.
  • NIH R01 Grant (R01 CA127873) – Shemshedini PI, “Androgen and Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase Signaling in Prostate Cancer”.  2008-2013.


Grants – 2009

  • ACS Research Scholar Grant – Dong PI, “Gfi-1 in the regulation of cell proliferation and survival”.  2009-2012.
  • NIH R21 Grant (R21 AI63014A) – Leaman PI, “Role of ISG12 in innate immune responses.” 2009-2011.
  • NIH R15 Grant – Plenefisch PI, “ A Genetic Analysis of Intermediate Filament Domain Functions in C. elegans” 2009-2011.
  • NIH R15 Grant (R15 NS067474) – Bamber PI, “Homeostatic regulation of GABA synapses” 2009-2011.


Grants – 2010

  • NIH R15 Grant (121536-01-N ) – Krishnamurthy PI, “role of small cellular RNAs in amplifying the cellular responses to virus infections”.   2010-2013
  • NIH R01Grant (DK088127-01A1) – Diakonova PI, “Role of JAK2-PAK1 interaction in prolactin-depending signaling”.  2010-2015


Grants - 2011

Song-Tao Liu, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor in the department, was recently awarded an NSF grant titled: “Assembly, Disassembly and Function of the Mitotic Checkpoint Complex”.  The total award request was for $658,406 for three years, and funding began 3-1-11.                     

This grant will study the regulation of cellular division, in particular the molecular control of a cell’s decision of whether to divide or not.  Since cancer cells often  exhibit uncontrolled division, these studies could have implications in cancer, but the primary focus is to study the basic cellular process in order to gain a better understanding of how all cells regulate this important cellular process.                    

Guofa Liu, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor who joined our department in 2008, recently received a Whitehal Foundation Award entitled “Coordination of Neuronal Guidance in the developing Nervous System”. The total award amount is $225,000 for three years (3-1-2011 to 2-28-14).                    

Dr. Guofa Liu has also received an NIH R15 entitled “The coordination of Netrin Signal Transduction”. This grant includes total costs of approximately $438,000 and will run from 5-1-2011 to 4-30-2014.

Congratulations to both of these outstanding faculty members in the department!

These grants are in addition to other recent awards to faculty in our department, including:                    

  • Dr. Maria Diakonova recently received an NIH R01 award ($1,250,000 over 5 years) to study the role of JAK2- PAK1 interaction in prolactin-dependent signaling.  R01 grants are considered the “pinnacle” of individual grants in science, and Dr. Diakonova is to be commended.                       
  • The R01 grant is added to an existing NIH R15 grant awarded to Dr. Diakonova in 2008   to study the role of JAK2-PAK1 interaction in human breast cancer.  This R15 award   runs through 2011.  Congratulations Dr. Diakonova!                            
  • Dr. Malathi Krishnamurthy was awarded a NIH R15 grant ($462,000 over 3 years) to study the role of small cellular RNAs in amplifying the cellular responses to virus infections.  This grant will allow Dr. Krishnamurthy, who just joined us in January, to establish her new laboratory with a strong financial footing.  Congratulations Dr. Krishnamurthy!                       

In addition to these external awards, Dr. Robert Steven received competitive internal funding in 2011, in the form of a D’Arce award.








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