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Ph.D. Submissions & Presentation

Extramural Research Proposal and Manuscript Submissions, and Conference Presentations for Ph.D Students

Prior to graduation, all PhD students are required to: (1) submit a proposal for extramural funding to help support their research; (2) submit a manuscript on their research to a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal; (3) give either an oral or poster presentation on their research at a professional conference; and (4) make an oral presentation on their research at a scholarly forum [note that the same oral presentation can satisfy both items 3 and 4]. If the student is not the sole author of the journal manuscript or grant proposal, then he/she should be the first author and responsible for a majority of the writing. For the conference presentation, the student should be the presenter and not just a co-author on an abstract. It is not necessary for the manuscript to be accepted for publication or the grant to be funded at the time of graduation.

It will be the task of the departmental Graduate Adviser to ensure that these requirements are met, and until they are met, students will not be allowed to graduate.

This policy will be applied to all students entering the graduate program beginning in Spring 2008. 

Last Updated: 6/9/16