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Degree Requirements: Interdisciplinary B.S. in Geophysics

This outline for an Interdepartmental Major (Geophysics) has been approved by the Department of Physics and Astronomy, by the Mathematics Department and by the Geology Department.

Individuals interested in geophysics should contact Dr. Stierman. Because advanced courses in all three departments have prerequisites, it is important for interested individuals to see Dr. Stierman as soon as possible so that a schedule allowing for graduation within 4 years can be drawn up. Geology courses numbered higher than 2210 are usually offered but once a year and should be taken in the appropriate sequence.

This is a challenging program. It requires both the discipline of classical physics and the creativity needed to work in a natural laboratory where experimental variables are difficult to isolate or control. However, geophysical measurements make it possible to "go where no one has gone before" in a way, discovering features that have been buried, concealed below the earth's surface, never before revealing themselves to humans.

MATH 1850, 1860 and 2850 Calculus
MATH 3860 Differential equations
MATH 1890 Linear algebra
Total mathematics hours: at least 18
Physics and Astronomy
PHYS 2130, 2140 Physics for Scientists and Engineers
PHYS 3180 Intermediate Laboratory
PHYS 4210 Mechanics
PHYS 4230 Electricity and Magnetism I
Total Physics hours: at least 18
EEES 1020 Physical Geology Laboratory
EEES 2100 Fundamentals of Geology
EEES 2500 Computer Applications in Geology
EEES 3210 Mineralogy & Igneous-Metamorphic Petrology
EEES 3220 Sedimentary Petrology & Stratigraphy
EEES 3310 Structural Geology & Mapping
EEES 4610 Introduction to Geophysics
EEES 4620 or 4630 Numerical Methods or Non-invasive Field Testing
Total Geology hours: 20 or 19
Additional Requirements
CHEM 1230 and 1260 (1 semester with laboratory) (5 hours).
One or two additional courses selected from among these three departments and approved by the Advisor, sufficient to bring the
Interdepartmental credit hour total: 60 semester hours.

Last Updated: 3/28/18